Tropical Pineapple Cake Decorations

As the cold sets in, indulge your craving for a tropical paradise with these gorgeous pineapple decorations! 

Brought to you by Penny the Bee


Try out the tropical trend with this super easy airbrushed pineapple by Penny the Bee. Make a few and arrange them around a cake for maximum impact!

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You will need

To decorate

  • white flower paste, or you could use white sugarpaste
  • edible liquid colours: yellow, brown, green
  • edible glue


  • oval shape cutter
  • mini palette knife
  • rolling pin
  • airbrush
  • foam pad


Roll out a small piece of white flower paste, or use some white sugarpaste instead. Using an oval shaped cutter, cut out a piece of sugarpaste.

Mark the fruit

With your mini palette knife, design some diagonal lines.
Repeat the same process, but in the opposite direction. Set aside your pineapple on a foam pad to dry a little.

Make the leaves

Shape a small piece of your white sugarpaste into a sausage roll. Flatten it with your rolling pin, leaving it a bit thick.

Mark the leaves

Using the mini palette knife, make an indent in the centre of each leaf, then model the leaf with your hands until you get the right shape.

Arrange the leaves

Repeat the process in order to create 6 leaves.

Apply colour

Add a few drops of yellow colour to the airbrush, then colour the pineapple by pressing gently. Increase the pressure to colour the borders. Add a few drops of brown colour, then colour the borders and give the pineapple a bit of life and shadows.
Repeat the same process to colour the leaves, using a few drops of green and brown liquid colour.

Finishing touches

Attach the pineapple to your cake with some edible glue. Repeat the process with the leaves, adding them one by one.
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