How to make an octopus sugarpaste cake topper

Learn how to model sugarpaste to create the perfect little cake topper for all your under the sea themed designs!

by Emma Stewart 

This little sugarpaste octopus is the perfect little cake topper! Easy to make, it can be the star of your under the sea themed design!

All the models can be made ahead of time if creating a cake too but the long legs of the octopus would be better made at the same time as you are decorating the cake. 

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Need a cake to home your octopus? Why not give this under the sea mermaid cake tutorial a go! 

You will need


  • White sugarpaste coloured with purple, pink, white and black
  • Edible glue


  • Paintbrush or small ball tool
  • Mouth tool


To make the octopus

To make the octopus body, roll a smooth ball of purple sugarpaste and shape it so that is tapers towards the bottom of the body, leaving a flat base rather than bringing it to a point. Roll eight thin sausages for legs.
Place the ends of the legs close together and stick the flat side of the body on top of them, hiding the ends. Then the legs can be arranged as you wish, bringing different movement to the model.
If you are building your octopus on the edge of the cake you can bring the legs down the side of the cake as well as along the top. Remember to bend the legs in different directions to create interest.
To make the suckers on the octopus' legs, roll small balls of pink sugarpaste and stick these at regular intervals down each of the legs. Using the end of a paintbrush or small ball tool, make an indent in the middle of each one.
For the eyes, roll a small ball of white sugarpaste into a short fat sausage, flatten this as you stick it into place on the face of the octopus. Roll small black balls of sugarpaste and stick these at the bottom of the white shapes. Finally roll tinier balls of white sugarpaste and stick these at the top right-hand side of the black circle. Use the mouth tool to press in a mouth shape.
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