How to... Christmas robin sugar model tutorial

It's always a treat to see robins at Christmas and by following this quick and easy step-by-step guide from The Bath Cake Company...

Brought to you by Bath Cake Company can have robins adorning your Christmas cake or popping up wherever you like in no time!


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You will need


  • Brown modelling paste
  • Red sugarpaste
  • Yellow sugarpaste
  • White sugarpaste


  • Small round cutter
  • Edible glue
  • Ball tool
  • Veining tool
  • Scissors


Firstly, using brown modelling paste, roll a ball to create your robin's body.
Roll out some red sugarpaste for your robin's red breast.
Using a small round cutter, cut out your robin's red breast and stick it to the body using edible glue.
Create little wings for your robin using brown modelling paste, by rolling the paste into a cone and flattening it with your finger. Stick the wings to the side of your robin using some edible glue.
Using a ball tool, add indents for the eyes and beak.
Roll small pieces of black sugarpaste for the eyes and fix these in place with edible glue.
With your yellow sugarpaste, roll small balls for his feet and use a veining tool to create three small indents for his toes. Stick them to the bottom of your robin using edible glue.
Add a sweet little Santa's hat by cutting a small round of white sugarpaste and snipping it around the edge for a 'fluffy' look.
Create a cone shape from red sugarpaste to form the main part of the hat and to finish, add a small ball of white sugarpaste to the top for the bobble.
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