How to make a fondant chick

Learn how to make a fondant (sugarpaste) chick, ideal as an Easter cake topper or just as sweet on its own, in this quick and easy tutorial by Marie McGrath!

Fondant chick & friends Image credit: Marie McGrath
Brought to you by Marie McGrath from Marie's Bakehouse

This tutorial uses a pre-made egg (Creme Egg) to form the shape of the chick's body, but you might instead decide to:

  • Roll sugarpaste into egg shape
  • Use polystyrene eggs if you're concerned about the weight on top of the cake
  • Make your own chocolate eggs using moulds and fill them with treats of your own choice!

For instructions on how to prepare your pre-made egg (Creme Egg) as used in this tutorial, see the accompanying tutorial on how to make a fondant bunny.

To make more of Easter Chick's friends, check out the March 2021 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine!

Top tip! Make ahead of time and allow to fully dry, then give a basket of decorated eggs for Easter as a lovely homemade gift.

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You will need


  • Yellow, orange, white and black sugarpaste
  • Edible glue


  • Small paintbrush


Cover the egg in yellow paste and stick it to a board or base of your choice. Roll three small teardrop shapes and two larger ones, flattening the larger ones slightly. You can roll teardrop shapes by rolling a ball and then rolling on one side of the ball to elongate the shape.
Stick the three smaller ones on top of the egg for three tufty feathers, and the two larger ones on the side of the egg for wings.
Using orange sugarpaste, roll two teardrop shapes for feet and one smaller one for a beak. Stick these into place on the chick using a small paintbrush and edible glue.
Roll two small balls from white and stick these in place for the eyes, and two smaller balls of black on top of the white ones. Your chick is complete!

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