How to make a sugarpaste seagull

This charming sugarpaste model of a seagull will be the perfect addition to any beach or sea themed cakes! Learn how to make your own with this tutorial by Sarah Lou Smith.

Image credit: Sugarpaste seagull

‘Oh, we do like to be beside the seaside…!’ It wouldn’t be the seaside without seagulls, so bring your beach or sea themed cake to life with a friendly sugarpaste seagull made in six easy steps. Once you’ve made one, why not create some friends?

Sugarpaste seagull tutorial

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You will need


  • Saracino paste (or your own chosen type of modelling paste) in yellow, white, and grey
  • Piping gel
  • Edible glue or water     


  • Dresden tool
  • Craft knife


1. Make a 10g ball of white saracino or your chosen modelling paste.    


2. Pull out on side to create the neck and head. Using the pointed end of the Dresden tool make a small hole for the beak and mark in the eyes.    


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3. Roll out a small of yellow paste into a thin cone shape and cut through the centre using a knife to create the beak.    


4. Attach this to the seagull using a small amount of water or glue.


Find the rest of this tutorial showing you how to make a beach hut cake with sand, a bucket and spade, shells and a towel in the August 2017 issue   

5. Roll out two small balls the same size of the grey paste and then roll them into a tear drop shape, and flatten them down.  Using a knife make small cuts along the bottom and sides to create feathers. Attach to the seagull.    


6. Using a small amount of piping gel, attach the seagull to whatever nautical theme you have created!    


Now you’ve modelled for a beach or sea theme, try modelling for a woodland theme with our tutorial on making edible toadstools and creating a wood effect board, or develop your sugarpaste modelling skills with our guide to modelling tools and guide to using sugarpaste. Plenty of sugarcrafting to get stuck into! 

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