How to make fondant teddy bears for beginners

Learn how to model fondant teddy bears with this easy-to-follow tutorial by Ann Pickard, perfect as toppers on themed cakes! 

How cute are these fondant teddy bears?! Ann Pickard shows you how to make adorable teddies for all occasions, whether you’re a beginner or need a refresher. You don’t need expensive equipment, just some good quality sugarpaste… Use the Guide to Sizes chart (below) to make sure the models are perfectly in proportion! 

Once you’ve made a basic bear model you can easily adapt it to suit the occasion or cake – add a t-shirt, mix the colours or create a family of bears! 

And it’s National Teddy Bear Day on 9th September, in case you need another reason to make these cute characters!

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Download Guide to Sizes chart 1 

Download Guide to sizes chart 2

Please note – these charts are a rough guide only. The most important thing is to keep proportions consistent.

Fondant teddy bear tutorial


You will need


  • Décor-Ice sugarpaste in bear brown and chocolate brown
  • Liquorice black paste colour by Sugarflair
  • Raw spaghetti
  • Sugar glue


  • Guide to sizes chart
  • PME No.9 tool (bulbulous cone tool)
  • Cocktail sticks/toothpicks
  • Drinking straw


Teddy bear A – basic bear

Shape body into cone shape, form 2 round balls for the feet and push them firmly onto the base of the body.
Form a teardrop-shaped arm and stick it the body with the pointed end at the neck. Use a little sugar glue to secure if necessary. Repeat for the other arm. Push a short piece of spaghetti down into the body.
Form the head in a smooth round ball and push firmly onto the spaghetti. Add the little round nose very low down at the front of the bear’s face.
To make the ears, form the ball shape, squash it flat and pinch one side into a point. Make two large holes on the top of the head with the point of the PME No.9 tool.
Push the ears into the holes created. If they don’t fit easily make the hole larger. Push the tool into the centre of each ear to secure. Make an extra hole at the top of the nose and insert a teardrop shape of chocolate brown sugarpaste for the nose tip.
Use a cocktail stick to mark the eyes. Dip the tip into liquorice black paste colour and mark two long ‘friendly’ eyes low on the face just above the nose.
Use the tip of another clean cocktail stick to make tiny little scratches all over the surface of the teddy bear to make him look a little fluffy.
Finally, add a little smile to the bear by pushing the end of a drinking straw into the face at an angle.
Make small and large bears to create a family.
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