Top Tips and Tutorials for Modelling Animal Cake Toppers

These top tips and tutorials will help you every step of the way. You'll have a jungle of animal cake toppers in no time at all!

These top tips and tutorials will help you every step of the way. You'll have a jungle of fondant animals in no time at all! 

Many people ask how they can create the best fondant and gum paste figures or cake toppers, in this feature, tips from Juniper Cakery, tricks and tutorials that will help you every step of the way.
Rule 1 - Analyse, analyse!
When you start any project you've got to be willing to recognise faults and failings and a keep a good analytical eye. We can be very self critical as cake decorators and it's common to just begin again when there is a little scuff, crack and it's just not the result you want. Being a little bit of a perfectionist, will help you improve. Whilst you are modelling your figure, make sure to constantly analyse what you like and what you don't to ensure development each time you re-start.
Rule 2 - Patience is key
Take your time, plan well, have plenty of time booked in and don't rush. A lot of people who ask us how we create certain toppers and become frustrated when theirs don't resemble Winnie the Pooh, how long did they spend on it - 15 minutes. A couple of minutes just isn't enough. We spend approximately 1 hour - 3 hours on a figure depending on its difficulty. Sit down with a couple of photographs of what you wanted to create and keep working on your figure until you're completely happy, that's what we do!
Rule 3 - Keep Cool...
Hot and sticky hands can be really unhelpful when it comes to working on most parts of the cake, not just this part. Grab a fan to keep you cool if you naturally get quite hot or your in a hot climate. Perhaps wet towels and a bag of ice could help too. These tips first appeared on Craftsy

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