How to make honeysuckle berries

Hannah Collison shows you how to make honeysuckle berries, bract and twig in this simple to follow tutorial.

Honeysuckle berries Image credit: Hannah Collison

Fall in love this autumn with this tutorial by Hannah Collison, a suitable addition to any cake this season. 

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You will need


  • small amount of red coloured flower paste
  • airbrush food colours: carnival red, dynamic black
  • confectioners glaze


  • 33 gauge wire: white (Sunrise)
  • florist tape: nile green and olive green 6mm - half width (Hamilworth)
  • wire cutters
  • airbrush
  • paintbrush


For the honeysuckle berries: Roll small balls of red coloured flower paste into ovals and push 1/3 cut 33g white wire through the bottom of each one far enough to form a peak at the top. When dry, tape several berries together using nile green florist tape. Make four bunches.
For the honeysuckle bract: Trim a 1.5cm strip of olive green florist tape to form an elongated oval shape, stretch the tape, pinch on and wrap it tightly around the base of each Honeysuckle berry bunch to resemble two round shaped bracts.
For the honeysuckle twig: Using olive green florist tape, over tape the top of a 1/3 cut 28g white wire to form a bud. Tape down the wire by 3cm, then stretch and twist the tape around itself away from the wire to make a node. Bring the node to the wire and continue taping to the end. Make five twigs.
Using airbrush with a few drops of carnival red, spray the honeysuckle berries. Add two drops of dynamic black and overspray the berry bases to create darker tones. Allow the colour to dry.
For a shiny finish, paint berries with a coat of 100% confectioner’s glaze. Allow to dry and then apply further coats of glaze until a high gloss finish is achieved. Allow glazed berries to dry before assembling them into a spray.
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