How to Make Hypericum Berries

The perfect addition to any Autumn floral spray.

Image credit: Hypericum berries

The perfect addition to any Autumn floral spray.

You will need:



  • small amount of pale green sugarpaste
  • Edible Colour Dusts: spring green, medium green, pale pink, aubergine
  • edible glue
  • confectioners glaze
  • beige ¼ inch florist wire
  • 30 gauge wire
  • rolling pin
  • smallest daisy or calyx cutter (approximately 1cm diameter)
  • balling tool
  • Hypericum leaf cutter and veiner
  • pliers and wire cutters
  • paintbrush


Using a short (one wire cut into five pieces) 30 gauge florist wire, dip end in a little edible glue and insert into a pale green tear drop shaped sugarpaste. The amount you use is about the size of a small pea and let dry for a few hours, or overnight. Tape each wire with beige ¼ inch florist wire then lightly dust each berry with spring green at the base, then pale pink, with aubergine at the tip. Dip into confectioners glaze and leave to dry. Roll out some pale green paste quite thin and cut out the calyx with the small cutter. Thin out the edges with a balling tool, insert the wire through it and attach to berry with edible glue.


On the leaves I used two sizes of hypericum cutters, and once pale green paste is inserted on wire, thin out the edges lightly, shape with fingers and leave to dry. Colour over with medium green first just on the front, then on part of each side. Lightly dust aubergine randomly on edges.


As shown, tape the berries to a 20 gauge taped wire, but don't keep too tight to the central wire as you will need to bend and shape the angles. Make small branches and join with the leaves taped below. You can do more of these completed branches and join them to make as big as you like, I give the leaves a short swipe across the steam from a kettle to fix the colour and give a sheen. Don’t get too close as you could burn yourself with the steam.

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