How to make small edible wafer paper flowers

Make your cakes on trend with these chic edible wafer paper flowers, shown to you by Zoe Burmester.

Brought to you by Zoe Burmester

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Top tip! When sticking wafer paper to itself, do not use too much water as it will simply disintegrate. If your paper is cracking, steam it gently over a kettle to rehydrate it slightly.


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You will need


  • Yellow and pink Metallic airbrush colours by Magic Colours
  • 5 sheets A4 wafer paper: white
  • Small piece of sugarpaste coloured gold with chocolate and lemon yellow gel colours


  • Airbrush machine
  • Small bunch black seed head stamens
  • Black floral tape
  • scissors
  • 5cm (2in) round craft punch
  • 24 gauge wire (cut into thirds)


Mix the pink and yellow metallic airbrush colours to make a coral peach colour and lightly spray three sheets of wafer paper. Also spray two sheets with the pink. Do not worry if the paper crinkles as this will add texture to the petals.
Prepare the stamen centres by taking a small bunch of black seed heads, folding them in half and twisting a wire to secure them in the middle.
Use some black florist tape to firmly secure the heads to the wire and to cover the rest of the wire. Repeat the process another two times.
Cut a thin strip of pink wafer paper and use your scissors to create a fringe down one side.
Roll the fringed wafer paper around the stamen centre, using a little water to hold it in place as you roll it up. Squeeze it tight at the base to adhere it well to the wire. Use your fingers to fluff out the fringe to give a little movement. Repeat with the other two centres.
Now punch out nine 5cm (2in)circles from the peach wafer paper. With your scissors, cut into the circle, stopping half way. Dab a tiny amount of water on one of the cut edges and slide one over the other to create a shallow cone shape.
Repeat with all of the circles, until you have nine little cones or Chinese hats.
Now build up the petals in groups of three. Take one cone, brush a little water on the inside, and press in another cone so that it overlaps half of the cone centre.
Take the third cone and overlap it in the gap. You will now have created a curved cup shape.
Repeat the procedure but this time stick the new cone petals to the underneath of your main cup. With each layer you will make the flower slightly large.
Once the flower is complete and has been left to dry for a few minutes, roll a small piece of gold fondant to create a centre.
Push the stamen centre through the middle of the flower into the fondant which should hold it in place. Repeat until you have three flowers.

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