How to model blackberries

Highly realistic, these blackberries made out of modelling chocolate will looks seasonably splendid adorning any autumn cake!

There's no need to scour the hedgerows for blackberries this autumn, instead have a go at modelling your very own berries using chocolate!

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You will need


  • 40g modelling chocolate
  • petal dusts: Blackberry (Squires), Ivy green, Burgundy, Claret (Rainbow Dust)
  • edible glue (Squires)
  • edible glaze (Squires)
  • 40g flowerpaste (Renshaw)
  • leaf green paste (Wilton).


  • 6mm cel stick
  • 2 x 18 gauge white wire
  • florist tape in brown
  • small flower pick
  • rose leaf cutter set (PME)
  • blackberry veiner set (Squires)
  • small flat firm paintbrush for dusting
  • small brush for edible glue and glaze


Separate 40g of modelling chocolate into four sections and colour in shades of claret and blackberry.
Take a small ball of blackberry coloured chocolate and make into a ball. Using a 24 gauge green wire cut to 10cm (you can always trim it later) make a loop and push it into the centre of the ball and pinch into place. Roll the join between the thumb and middle finger to smooth the join.
Make tiny balls for the flesh of the berries and when made mix up the colours for a realistic finish. Stick them onto the larger wired ball, they should adhere without glue if they are still slightly soft. If they have gone cold and hard you may need to use a little bit of edible glue. Make three of these berries and paint with glaze when firm.
For the leaves, colour 40g of flowerpaste leaf green. Rub some Trex onto your grooved board and roll out 5g of paste to double the length of the rose leaf cutter that you have chosen, using your cel stick.
Paint on a small amount of edible glue. Place a 10cm length of 24 gauge green wire onto the paste on the groove not even halfway up.
Fold over the paste and gently but firmly press down. Using your chosen rose leaf cutter, cut through the two layers of paste. You may need to tidy up around the wire if it hasn’t cut through neatly there.
Take one of the blackberry leaf veiners and press the leaf. Set aside to dry. Make eight in total in varying sizes.
When dry, dust with ivy green and burgundy dusts around the edges, working inwards. Cover the wire in the brown florist tape.
Tape two of the three separate berries to three leaves, and two to one of them. The two with three leaves tape to the central branch with the bird with the brown florist tape. The berry with two leaves should then be put into a small flower pick as it will be placed at the base of the cake.
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