How to Model Edible Pine Cones

The perfect addition to your Autumn or Winter bakes!

Image credit: pine cones

The perfect addition to your Winter or Christmas bakes!

You will need:



  • 100g dark modelling chocolate (Vera Miklas)
  • mushroom petal dust
  • cocktail sticks


Use the dark modelling chocolate to make a cone shape as shown.


Roll out small balls of dark modelling chocolate.


Flatten out each ball between your fingers, these will create the ‘petals’ of the pine cone.


Put the teardrop shape onto a cocktail stick so that it doesn't melt in your hand while assembling the pine cone.


Add the petals starting at the top and working your way down as shown. 


Dust the pine cones with the mushroom petal dust.

Top Tip

  • If you are using these to decorate a Christmas Cake you can make the pinecones in advance so it's quick to assemble during the busy festive period!

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