How to model edible toadstools

These fondant (sugarpaste) toadstools would make enchanting cupcake toppers or a great addition to a woodland scene!

Sugarpaste toadstools couldn't be easier to make – ready in three easy steps!

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You will need


  • 200g red sugarpaste (Renshaw)
  • 300g white sugarpaste (Renshaw)
  • cmc or Tylo powder
  • edible glue


  • paintbrush for glue


Use the red sugarpaste for the mushroom tops, you'll need to add some cmc/Tylo powder to the sugarpaste to make it suitable for modelling – add 1 teaspoon of tylo to 250g of sugarpaste. The tops can be made in a variety of shapes and sizes. First, roll some balls before flattening some and making cones shapes from the others. You'll need around twenty mushrooms for this project.
Next use the white sugarpaste, add tylo powder as before, roll balls and then taper them into cone shapes in different sizes and heights. You'll need around twenty bottoms to match the tops.
Using edible glue attach the tops to the bottoms and then leave to dry. Roll little balls of white sugarpaste and flatten them with your finger – these can then be stuck with the glue to the mushroom tops. You'll need between three and five per mushroom. Leave these to dry.
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