Modelling Chocolate Strawberries

These strawberries made out of modelling chocolate make a great fruity addition to any food themed cakes. Tutorial by Zoe Burmester.

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Brought to you by Zoe Burmester

These strawberries made out of modelling chocolate make a great fruity addition to any food themed cakes.Tutorial by Zoe Burmester.

You will need:



  • 100g modelling chocolate: white (Cocoform)
  • red gel colour (Magic Colours Pro Gel)
  • petal dust: lemon yellow, apple green, and riding hood red (Magic Colours)
  • confectioner's glaze (Squires Kitchen)
  • 10g green gum paste
  • vodka or rejuvenator spirit


  • assorted brushes (food use only)
  • Innovative Works Sugar Shapers: Point Chisel
  • kettle or steamer
  • mini Petunia cutter or other five-leaf mini cutter

Add a tiny amount of red gel to the white modelling chocolate to make a pale pink colour. Take off a small part ands roll into a ball and then form into a teardrop shape. Use your fingers to press into the strawberry creating a more irregular shape.


Make little seed holes using the pointed chisel. Repeat to make three extra strawberries and leave to dry until firm.


Mix a little yellow and apple green petal dusts with alcohol to create a weak paint, and paint the tops of the strawberries.


Now mix red dust with alcohol to create a very weak wash and start to build up the colour on the rest of the strawberry. You want it to grade into the green top and concentrate to a much darker red where the fruit ripens at the bottom. Repeat with all the strawberries and leave to dry.


Steam the strawberries over a kettle to set the colour and once dry, dip into or paint on confectioner’s glaze to give a high shine. Leave to dry.


To make the strawberry stalks and leaves, roll out a little green sugarpaste and cut out with the mini petunia cutter. Use a ball tool to press and flatten the leaves slightly, and then your fingers to pinch the tips together.


Press into the hole at the top of the strawberry, shape the leaves for a little movement and then roll a tiny stem to place in the centre. If required attach with a little water.


Add a little depth and colour by painting garden green dust mixed with alcohol. Repeat with all the strawberries.

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