Royal decorations

Learn how to make these royal decorations using a mould to give your cakes a touch of majesty!

Brought to you by Penny the Bee

Whether you're looking for a cute cupcake topper, something to adorn a biscuit or to add a bit of regal class to a cake, these royal decorations from Penny the Bee are sure to have you covered. Not only are they super simple to make, they can also make any creation feel positively royal. In the right context, these would work brilliantly for festive bakes too! Take a look at the tutorial below...

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You will need

To decorate:

  • icing sugar
  • edible gold paste colour or dust
  • vodka (if using the gold dust)
  • edible glue
  • white sugar florist paste


  • royal crown shapes mould
  • fine brush
  • rolling pin
  • sharp knife


Sprinkle some icing sugar into your royal crown shapes mould.
Take a small ball of sugar florist paste and place it inside the royal shape you prefer.
With your rolling pin, roll out the small ball inside your chosen shape. Be careful not to have any paste outside the borders of your shape. If you do, cut out the unwanted pieces with a sharp knife until your shape is as clear as in the picture.
Paint the crown gold using some edible gold paste colour. If you don’t have the paste, you can easily use some gold dust and mix it with a little bit of vodka until the dust becomes liquid. Use a fine brush to paint the crown.
Have fun by making different crown shapes! You can add some royal icing dots, or other sugar paste decorations if you like.
Last updated 10 months ago

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