Shirt and tie cupcakes

Test your cake decorating skills in this easy to follow tutorial by Dani Brazier, where she uses sugarpaste to create cute shirt and tie cupcakes. Enjoy!

These smart shirt and tie cupcakes, as featured in the September 2020 issue of Baking Heaven magazine, by Dani Brazier from Blue Door Baker can be easily customised!

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You will need

To decorate

  • cupcakes baked in cupcake cases
  • buttercream
  • sugarpaste
  • florist paste
  • edible glue


  • rolling pin
  • tiny detail silicone mould
  • small knife
  • pizza cutter
  • palette knife
  • small star cutter (optional)
  • circle cutter
  • cone tool
  • small paintbrush


Begin by adding a small amount of buttercream to your cupcake, then take a circle cutter that is the same size as your cupcake case. Roll out the sugarpaste until it is 5mm (¼in) thick, then cut out a circle and place it on top of the buttercream.
Gently start to move the sugarpaste down, tucking it inside the cupcake case. Work all around the cupcake, then smooth over it with the palm of your hand.
Roll out some florist paste and cut out a thin strip approx 2-3mm (¹/8in).
Add some glue to the cupcake, then stick the strip on so it is approx. three-quarters of the way up the centre of the cupcake. Using a cone tool, add a few details for buttons.
To make a pocket, roll out florist paste and cut out a wider strip, about 1-1.5cm (½in). Cut it into squares, then cut slight diagonals along the bottom.
Stick it onto the cupcake.
For the collar, cut out an 8-10mm (½in) strip from florist paste, then cut 2 diagonals on each end.
As you bring this round, you’ll see it forms the collar shape. Stick this on.
For the bow tie I used a silicone mould. Lightly dust your mould with cornflour, then pop in a pea-sized amount of florist paste. Press this into the mould. If there is any excess just pull it off and press again into the mould until the paste fills the mould enough with no excess. Bend the mould back to gently tease it out.
You can stick this on as it is, or trim the tails off the bow then stick it on.
To make a tie, roll out florist paste to 2-3mm thick, then cut out a tapered shape approx. 5cm (2in) long. Cut the base of this so it forms a point and you’ve got the main tie shape. Cut a smaller square shape, then pinch in the sides slightly to make the top of the tie.
Stick the long part of the tie on first, either flat down the centre or add some movement in the centre, then stick on the top part.
Repeat the same process with more cupcakes, but this time try experimenting with patterns. I added lots of stars to my paste before lightly rolling to make the starry tie. Then cut out tie shapes and stick them on.
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