Cherub cupcake topper

Is this the most cutest Valentine's cherub cupcake topper ever?!

Brought to you by Lady Berry Cupcakes

We think it just might be! This adorable sugarpaste cherub cupcake topper by Farley Berry from Lady Berry Cupcakes will be winging its way straight to your loved one’s heart.

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You will need

For the cupcakes:

  • batch of cupcakes from your favourite recipe (9cm diameter)

To decorate:

  • sugarpaste, rolled out thinly (skin tone, white, pink, dark brown)
  • edible pink dust


  • round cookie cutters with smooth and scalloped edge (9cm, 5cm)
  • bulb tool
  • small ball tool
  • small brush
  • rolling pin
  • sprinkle hearts
  • mini palette knife
  • edible ink pen
  • edible glue


Cover your cupcake with a 9cm (3½in) round disc of white sugarpaste (1). 
Cut out a 5cm (2in) white sugarpaste scalloped edge disc. Cut off the top section of the disc with the smooth edge of the cutter (2). Cut the remaining section in half to create the wings (3). 
Cut out a pink scalloped edge disc in pink and fix on top with edible glue (4). Using the ball tool, press down gently on each curve of the scallop edge of the wings (5). Glue into position (6). 
For the cherub's head, make a ball in skintone sugarpaste. Make an oval for the body, 2 small barrels for the legs and long teardrop shapes for the arms (7). 
Glue the head, body and legs in place on the cupcake (8). Use a bulb tool to make holes for the belly button and the eyes (9). 
Cut out a small white rectangle for the envelope and score two lines diagonally for the flap (10). Glue a red sprinkle heart in the centre (11). Fix the envelope in place (12) and attach arms around it (13).
Make eyes with an edible ink pen or brown sugarpaste. Roll two skin tone balls and attach with a ball tool for ears (14). 
For the cherub's hair, roll out strands of brown sugarpaste (15) and attach around the face for hair using glue (16). 
When dry, dust the cherub's cheeks with pink edible dust (17).

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