How to model a fondant man sitting down

Learn how to model a fondant (sugarpaste) man in this figures tutorial by Marie McGrath, perfect atop a single tier cake for Father's Day or to celebrate a special man in your life.

Modelled fondant man Image credit: Marie McGrath
Brought to you by Marie McGrath from Marie's Bakehouse

Pop onto a single tier cake for a simple yet effective Father's Day cake, and personalise using letter cutters to create the recipient's name.

Please note: As the model is constructed using a cocktail stick it's not edible and is for decoration only.

Skill level: beginner

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  • If you're using sugarpaste which doesn't already contain CMC or Tylose powder, add a small amount to the paste and knead until it is all completely mixed together. This will help the sugarpaste hold its shape as it dries. Colour the sugarpaste in the colours you need.

This tutorial originally featured in the June 2020 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine – like what you see? Subscribe for year-round cake decorating inspiration straight to your door or digital device! 

You will need


  • Navy blue, green, peach, black, white & brown sugarpaste
  • Black sugarpaste (SugarFlair)
  • Edible glue
  • Clear alcohol


  • Rolling pin
  • Veining tool
  • Ball or bone tool
  • Tool for mouth
  • Knife
  • Paintbrush for glue
  • Cocktail stick
  • Very thin paintbrush


Make the trousers and shoes

Roll a sausage of navy blue paste and bend it in half to create the legs. At the end of each leg, use a ball or bone tool to hollow out an area to thin the paste for the edge of the trousers and create a space for the shoes to fit.
To make the trainers, roll two balls of white sugarpaste and roll on one side of each one to create two tear drop shapes. Flatten them slightly. Use the veining tool to draw a line around the bottom edge of each to create the sole of the shoe, and draw lines along the bottom of the shoe to give some more detail.
Attach the shoes to the end of the trousers.

Make the body

Roll a cone of green paste. Hollow out the bottom of the cone so it sits over the top of the legs.
Glue the body over the top of the legs. If you need to give it more support, use a cocktail stick through the body, into the legs.
Roll a small ball of peach paste and stick this on top of the body to make the neck.
Roll a thin sausage of green paste and use a rolling pin to flatten it out. Cut a strip of the green paste the width of the neck. Wrap it around the neck and mark, with the veiner tool, where to trim it to make the collar.
Take it away from the body again, trim the collar to the right size using a knife and then stick it into place using edible glue. Use the veiner tool to mark a line at the top of the body. Roll and stick three tiny balls of green paste and stick them next to the line for buttons. Use the end of the veiner to mark two dots onto each button to create detail.

Make the arms

Roll two tapered sausages of green paste, measuring them against the body to make sure they are not too long or too short. Hollow out the fatter end of the sausages to fit the end of the hands.
Roll two small balls of peach (skin tone) paste and roll them into tear drop shapes. Flatten them slightly and cut a thumb into each one with a knife. Soften the edges of the cut by patting the edges with the pad of your finger.
Stick the hands into the end of the arms. Roll and cut two strips of green paste to make the cuffs. Cut to size and stick them round the edge of each sleeve.
Stick the arms onto the body.

Make the head

Measure the amount of peach paste you need first by judging the size against the body you have made. Roll a smooth ball and then place the ball into the palm of one hand. Using two fingers, placed on one side of the ball, rock backwards and forwards without rolling the ball right over. This should create a pear shape. Stick the head onto the body.
Use a suitable tool to create a mouth. I use a clay sculpting tool or a tapered paintbrush as in the picture, but you could create it with a Dresden tool or smile tool. Roll a tiny ball of peach and stick this to the middle of the face for the nose.
Roll two slightly larger balls and add a small dot of glue to each side of the head. Using the end of the paintbrush or a small ball tool, push this into the small ball but not all the way through. Picking the ball up on the tool you are using, push the ear into the side of the head. Repeat for the other side. Add two small balls of white, and then smaller balls of black for the eyes. Stick the black balls to the lower end of the eyes, sticking them in the middle makes the face look startled. Add a tiny ball of white to the top righthand side of the black dot. Roll two tiny tapered sausages of brown and add those for eyebrows.

Make the hair

Roll tapered sausages in the colour and length you require. Stick them in rows starting from the bottom of the head.
Style the rest of the hair around the front as required.

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