How to model a fondant snowman cake topper

In this tutorial Georgie Godbold shows you how to model Frosty the Snowman using fondant (sugarpaste) for any of your festive bakes this Christmas from her book, Twenty to Make: Sugar Christmas Decorations.

This tutorial is perfect for getting the kids busy over the festive season and makes a great cake topper to any cupcakes or Christmas cake!

Twenty to Make: Sugar Christmas Decorations cover

This project is from Twenty to Make: Sugar Christmas Decorations by Georgie Godbold, Search Press. Georgie Godbold's quirky, wobbly, sugarcrafted figures are packed with character! Included in this delightful book on Christmas decorations are instructions on how to make reindeer, Father Christmas, Mrs Claus, an assortment of elves and fairies and much more – there's something for everyone. If you love this project you can get the book from our online shop WITH an automatic 10% off just for being you, PLUS free UK P+P! 

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You will need


  • 65g (2¼oz) white modelling paste
  • 35g (1¼oz) black modelling paste
  • Small amounts of orange, blue, and grey modelling paste
  • White glitter
  • Two small black sugar balls
  • One brown, grey and white pipe cleaner


  • Basic tools
  • Cutters – small and medium circle
  • Sugar glue


To make a white body, roll 45g (1½oz) of modelling paste into a ball. Shape the paste into a cone 6.5cm (2½in) tall. Then insert an 8cm (31⁄8in) cocktail stick through the middle of the cone to the base for support. The top of the cocktail stick will support the head. Make two holes in the front for the legs to fit in. Leave to dry.
For the head, roll 20g (2⁄3oz) of white paste into a ball, then make a hole in the middle of the face for the nose and two small holes for the eyes. Insert two black sugar balls. Attach the head to the body using a little sugar glue.
For the nose, roll a small piece of orange paste into a ball, then make a point at each end. Insert one end into the head with a little sugar glue. Leave to dry.
Lightly cover the head and the body with glue. Sprinkle all over with white glitter and shake off the excess. Dust the glitter carefully from the eyes and nose, then leave to dry.
Cut two 7.5cm (3in) lengths of white pipe cleaner for the legs, then roll 20g (2⁄3oz) of black paste into a ball. Cut the ball in half and roll each part into a sausage shape, before turning up one end of each to make the boots, as shown. Lightly glue both ends of the pipe cleaner, then insert one end into the boot and the other end into the body. Repeat for the other leg.
For the arms, cut two 7.5cm (3in) lengths and two 2cm (¾in) lengths of brown pipe cleaner. Wrap and twist the smaller length around the top of the longer part as shown, then push it into the top of the body. Repeat with the other arm.
Cut out a 4cm (1½in) circle of black paste and roll 8g (¼oz) of black paste into a ball. Using a small amount of glue, place the ball on top of the circle of black paste. Lay the pointed tool across the top and push down. Secure the hat with a little glue on to the snowman’s head.
Roll out a thin strip of blue paste and secure it around the hat using a little glue. Turn up the front brim to finish the hat.
Roll out a long strip of blue paste for the scarf and wrap it around the snowman, bringing one end to either side. Secure it in place with a little glue, then cut both ends to make tassels.
Cut out three small black circles for the buttons, attach with a little sugar glue, and mark each centre with a pointed tool as shown.
Roll 1.5x8cm (5⁄8x3¼in) rectangles of grey paste to make the skis. Using a little glue, attach them to the bottom of the boots as shown, then slightly turn the tops over. For the ski poles, cut two 5cm (2in) lengths of grey pipe cleaner, turn over the tops and hook one on to each hand.
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