How to model an English rose using flower paste

Adorn your cakes with a beautiful English rose in this tutorial by Emma Stewart...

English Rose Image credit: Emma Stewart
Brought to you by Emma Stewart from Emma Stewart Cake Design

A suitable topper for a wedding cake or for celebrating Queen Elizabeth II's Platinum Jubilee, you can model this rose in just 14 simple steps! You can use different coloured dust to create a beautiful floral display...

Tip! To enlarge the rose petals without changing the cutter, roll the flower paste slightly thicker and use the ball tool to stretch the petals, then soften the edges. 

This tutorial originally featured in the May 2022 issue of Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine – get your copy for the full tutorial featuring foliage... Or better yet – subscribe for year round inspiration and all the latest trends!

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You will need


  • White flower paste (Robert Haynes)
  • Cornflour
  • Petal rouge dust (Magic Colours)


  • 28 gauge white wire
  • Celbud size 3
  • 5 petal rose cutter, 3in diameter
  • Rapid Rose foam pad (Immaculate Confections)
  • Ball tool
  • Edible glue
  • Paintbrush for gluing
  • Cocktail stick
  • Long nose pliers
  • Brushes for dusting


Feed a 20g white wire through a Celbud (size 3) from one side to the other, bend down and twist at the base of the bud.
Use long nose pliers to tighten the twist at the base of the bud so the wire doesn’t wobble.
Roll out white flower paste and use the 5 petal cutter (3in diameter).
Lay petals on the flower pad and use a ball tool to soften the edges.
Add edible glue to the centre, straights of each petal and all around the edge of one petal.
Feed the wire through the centre of the petals and foam pad so the Celbud sits onto the petal centre.
Lift the petal with glue around the full edge and wrap this around the Celbud.
Miss the next petal and take the one after, lift it and attach.
Repeat step 8.
Attach the final two petals to form your bud.
Repeat step 3, lay the petals on a foam pad, soften the edges and use a cocktail stick to curl the petal edges.
Turn the petals over and place onto the petal pad and add glue to the centre and straights.
Lift and attach the first petals and then repeat steps 8-9 to complete the layer.
Add an additional layer of petals to create a fuller rose and once dry, dust with a touch of Petal Rouge dust mixed with some cornflour.
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