Buttercup and daisy cake

Combining the natural tones of green and yellow, this buttercup and daisy cake offers simplicity at it's finest!

Whether you're looking for the perfect, elegant cake for a summer (or even spring!) birthday, anniversary or christening, this beautiful, floral, buttercup and daisy cake by Alison Young-Evans from Centre Stage Cakes ticks all the boxes. Take a look at the project tutorial below to learn how to create your own. For the cake:
  • 20cm (8in) sponge, covered with pale blue sugarpaste
To Decorate:
  • Yellow, white and green flower paste
  • Edible glue
  • Rolling pin
  • Sieve
  • Blossom Sugar Art cutter and veiner – buttercup and daisy
  • Miscellaneous daisy and buttercup moulds
  • Leaf cutter and veiner
  • Flower former
  • Craft knife
  • Kitchen foil

Buttercup daisy cake


  1. Cover the sponge cake with pale blue sugarpaste.
  2. Roll out the white flower paste and cut out daisies using the daisy cutter.
  3. Place a very small ball of yellow flower paste in centre of the veiner, then add the cut out flower and press together firmly. Remove the flower and place in the flower former to dry completely.
  4. Roll out the yellow flower paste and cut out flowers using the buttercup cutter. Place in the veiner and press firmly. Remove the flower and place in the former to dry completely.
  5. Using a small ball of yellow flower paste, press firmly through a sieve to achieve the centre of the buttercup. Using a craft knife, remove from the sieve and attach to the centre of the buttercup using a tiny amount of edible glue. 6 Roll out the green flower paste, then using a leaf cutter, cut out several leaves and add detail with the leaf veiner.
  6. Place the leaves on wrinkled foil to dry in various shapes.
  7. When the flowers and leaves are completely dry, add to the top of the cake as you wish, using edible glue to secure.
  8. Add pearl dragees to finish.
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