How to Make a Sugarpaste Red Rose

Charlotte White shows you how to create a simple, yet eloquently beautiful red rose.

Image credit: How to Make a Red Rose

Charlotte White shows you how to create a simple, yet eloquently beautiful, red rose.

You will need:



  • 500g red sugar florist paste
  • 100g green sugar florist paste
  • edible glue
  • petal dust: brown
  • 5 large 28mm Cel buds
  • cocktail sticks
  • non-stick board
  • non-stick rolling pin
  • 5-petal easy rose cutter 15mm


To make your roses, push a cocktail stick into the base of each Cel bud and paint above the waistline (you will see a line around the middle) with edible glue.


Knead and roll out enough red sugar florist paste to cut a single petal using your 5-petal cutter, trimming with a sharp knife. Transfer this petal to your foam mat and with your ball tool pressed half on the edge of your petal and half on the mat, drag the ball firmly around the petal. You should notice that the edges start to ‘frill’, meaning they become thinner and appear to have movement. You will also need to make a dozen extra single petals, drying them with this movement for extra decoration.



Hold your first petal horizontally with its point facing left, wrapping the petal clockwise around the Cel bud. Check that you have created a tight coil.


To create your first layer of petals, cut out the full shape from your 5-petal cutter and transfer to your foam mat. Frill the edges of each petal as you did in step 2.


Paint a little edible glue in the middle of your 5-petals and up the sides of each individual petal. For this layer only, you will also need to glue inside two of the petals going half way up each one. Think of the shape as having a head, arms and legs. The petals that need gluing are the arms.


Shake the petals into your hand and push the stick of your bud down through the middle of the petals. Wrap the first glued arm piece around the bud, followed by the second arm opposite. Bring the remaining three petals up around to create another layer around this one.


For your next layer, repeat step 4, but also curling the edges of each petal around a Cel stick so that the petals will unfurl from the rose. Turn the petals over so that the curled edges are facing downwards and glue half way up the edges of each petal with a little dab in the centre. Shake this into your hand and push the stick through the centre, bringing each petal up and overlapping the one before until you have completed another full layer of petals. This layer needs to dry before you carry on.


Repeat step 7 to add three more layers to each rose. I recommend that you allow each layer to dry for thirty minutes before adding the next and leave to dry upside down to prevent the petals from falling away from the rose.


Use a rose leaf plunger cutter to cut out and vein around twenty-four leaves in green sugar florist paste. Let these dry with movement on a foam drying mat before dusting with a little brown petal dust, paying special attention to the jagged edges of the leaves, and steaming briefly to set the colour.

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