How to make sugarpaste daisies

Learn how to make sugarpaste daisies to brighten any celebration cake with this easy step-by-step tutorial using modelling paste.

These elegant daisies will add a touch of summer sunshine to your cakes and are so easy to create!  

Sugarpaste daisies tutorial 

By Lindy Smith.

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You will need


  • White & yellow modelling paste
  • Edible lustre dust: snowflake
  • Edible glue    


  • Daisy embosser: flower stamps set 1 (FMM)
  • Lindy's pointed oval set (Lindy's Cakes)
  • 2.2cm (1in) circle cutter
  • Lily petal veiner (Squires Kitchen)
  • Foam pad (PME)
  • Soft dusting brush (Wilton)
  • Sugar shaper/sugarcraft gun
  • Dresden tool


1. To make the daisy petals, thinly roll out the white modelling paste and cut out petals using the second smallest (3.5cm) pointed oval cutter. You’ll need about 44. Place a petal in the double-sided lily veiner and press firmly, release then place on a foam pad and repeat.    


2. Load a soft dusting brush with the edible snowflake dust and liberally apply over the veined petals before they dry. Once dry not as much dust will stick!


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3. Roll out some of the yellow modelling paste between 1mm spacers and cut out circles for the centre of each flower.  


4. Attach the first circle to the cake, then add eight petals using sugar glue, as shown. Using a petal as a guide to spacing, attach the next circle and the next set of eight petals.    


5. Not all the daisies have eight petals, some only have four. Be careful when placing these that you still leave a small gap between each petal.    


6. Warm and soften some yellow modelling paste by kneading in solid white vegetable fat and boiled water. Place inside the sugar shaper together with the small mesh disk. Squeeze out short lengths of paste. Using a Dresden tool use these to create the centre of each daisy.  


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