Published On: Fri, Oct 18th, 2019

Cake falls to the ground on Belgian Bake Off

The Belgian version of The Great British Bake Off featured quite the disaster, as a cake falls to the ground

Bake Off Vlaanderen (Bake Off Flanders), is the Belgian edition of Bake Off and is currently in its third series. Essentially the same format, bakers are expected to create some stunning showstoppers to wow the judges. However, one challenge took things to a whole different level.

cake falls to the ground

One episode saw one of the bakers suspend a cake upside down on a poll, to resemble a chandelier. Jaline’s creative creation may have been a great idea in theory, but in reality, the judges didn’t even get to try it. That’s because the cake falls to the ground, sliding from its pole, in front of the judges!

As you can see in the video shared by Vier, they are all laughing before the moment of collapse in wonder. But as one of the judges goes to cut a piece, there are shocked gasps as it plummets to the ground.

Jaline grabs her face in horror, and even sheds a few tears as her incredible cake lies in pieces on the floor. Luckily the judges seem understanding and comfort her, but we can’t help but feel awful for Jaline and her cake. It’s certainly every baker’s worse nightmare!

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