Published On: Wed, Apr 5th, 2017

Chocolate Feathers, the new addition to your cakes

Remember chocolate shards? The messy but effective looking sweet topping to your cake, well now they’ve developed into beautiful feathers.

We’ve come across this decorative trend that makes us wonder why all cakes aren’t embellished and beautified with that particular technique. This happened recently when Delish introduced us to Kalabasa Bakery’s ethereal chocolate feather cakes.

Kalabasa is located all the way in Moscow, and sells layer cakes and pastries of all sorts. When scrolling through its Instagram page, however, what makes an impact are the cakes and cupcakes with colourful shards and drizzles with what looks like paint. These are the sweets that have been adorned what Kalabasa’s bakers call chocolate feathers.

The name is fitting because these hardened smears of chocolate are delicate and dreamy, yet you know when you bite in, they’ll offer a most satisfying crunch.

Based on Kalabasa’s Instagram photos, the cakes themselves come in various flavours like honey, sour cream, and Napoleon cheese. Some are decorated with chocolate feathers and airbrushed and dripped colour on the icing, while others have much more elaborate designs that include flowers or different kinds of fruit. Even on those, the feather accents are what stand out and make the cakes so unique.
It also seems that by adjusting the colours of the chocolate feathers, Kalabasa manages to make these desserts desirable for any occasion. Pastel swipes of chocolate make us finally feel like Easter is here! The shades of gold and champagne scream celebration, and the jewel blues and greens transport us to a beach day scene.

We’d love to try one! Let us know if you get your hands on this beautiful creation.

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