Published On: Fri, Mar 13th, 2020

Delicious freeze-dried ingredients for your tasty creations!

Whether you’re a professional chef or enthusiastic home baker, Lio- Licious offer a range of freeze-dried products that will give your bakes a brilliant flavour boost.

Lio-Licious fruits are real fruit pieces which have been gently freeze-dried to create a healthy product with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

So, if you want to use freeze-dried products as a healthy snack, as a home baking ingredient, in chocolates or to add a healthy twist to your breakfast, look no further!

The range includes:

Fruit Ingredients:

Perfect as ingredients in home baking or as a quick and healthy snack to help you and the kids get their 5-a-day, their freeze-dried fruits are bursting with natural flavour.

Cheese Ingredients:

Try adding a fantastic twist to baked products and sauces with delicious freeze-dried cheeses. A fantastic, versatile ingredient that can help you to take your recipes to the next level

Savoury Ingredients:

Ready to use savoury ingredients, including caramelised red onion, grilled mixed peppers and black olive granules, ensure you can pack your recipes with fantastic, intense flavours with the minimum fuss.

Find the full range at

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