Published On: Tue, Jun 2nd, 2020

Goodbye sugar… Hello Splenda®!

If you love baking but would like to cut down on sugar and calories, then SPLENDA® is the natural choice for creating mouth-watering delights.


SPLENDA® sugar alternative brand has all the taste and sweetness of sugar without the calories. Unlike some other sugar alternatives, and importantly for baking enthusiasts, SPLENDA® is ideal for cooking and baking as it can be used over a wide range of temperatures and times in inspiring and delicious recipes.

SPLENDA® contains sucralose which is made from sugar but is a calorie-free and carbohydrate-free sweetener which does not contain aspartame. The body does not recognize sucralose as a sugar and it does not affect blood glucose levels or insulin. This means that SPLENDA® is suitable for the whole family, including people with diabetes and those following eating low-carb food as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle.

In its convenient granulated form, SPLENDA® is great for baking and can also be used spoon for spoon just like sugar, sprinkled over cereals, fruit and desserts or stirred into drinks. With SPLENDA®, reducing calories without sacrificing taste has never been sweeter! SPLENDA® also comes in convenient mini tablet form for sweetening tea or coffee.

If you’d like to discover the great taste of SPLENDA®, check out for hundreds of inspiring ideas!