Published On: Wed, Dec 9th, 2020

How to make a snowman cupcake

This adorable snowman cupcake by Dani Brazier from Blue Door Bakery is the perfect Christmas project for decorating beginners!

snowman cupcake final

How to make a snowman cupcake


To decorate

  • cupcakes
  • buttercream
  • 50-60 g sugarpaste
  • edible glue
  • food colouring (use colours of your choice)
  • edible pen


  • circle cutters
  • paintbrush
  • palette knife
  • rolling pin
  • pizza cutter
  • stitching tool
  • small sharp knife


1. Roll out the sugarpaste to 5mm (1/4in) thick. Choose a circle cutter that rests on the cupcake case, then cut out a circle.

Sugarpaste snowman instruction 1

2. Add 1 tsp buttercream to the centre of the cupcake and place the sugarpaste disc on top. Use the palm of your hand to smooth over.

sugarpaste snowman instruction 2

3. Roll a ball of white sugarpaste for the snowman’s head, then stick this on, just off centre. Also, mix up some extra colours for the nose, scarf and hat. Take an edible black pen and draw on some face details.

Sugarpaste snowman instructions 3

4. Roll a very small ball of orange for the carrot nose then, using your fingertips, shape it into a teardrop shape. Stick this on using a small amount of edible glue. You can also use a palette knife to add some extra lines in for detail, if you wish.

Sugarpaste snowman instruction 4

5. Roll out some brown sugarpaste for the hat, then cut out a circle just bigger than the snowman’s head. Stick this on top. Next, roll a ball of brown sugarpaste, flatten slightly and stick this on top to form the hat.

Sugarpaste snowman instruction 5

6. For the scarf, create a sausage shape, then roll out flat. Using a pizza cutter, cut out a long, thin rectangle approx. 10cm (4in) long. Add some stitching detail down the side and cut a fringed section at the ends.

Sugarpaste snowman instruction 6

7. Add some glue around the neck and stick the scarf around, overlapping at the front. Finish off this part with a few more black button details down the front.

sugarpaste snowman instruction 7

8. Roll a thin sausage shape of light brown paste and wrap around the base of the hat to finish.

Sugarpaste snowman instruction 8

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