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We chat to Adrian Gott of Clarence Court eggs about the company ethos, the secret to their wonderfully golden yolks and more. Enjoy this egg-cellent read!

Image credit: Gavin Crilly Photography. Clarence Court donate eggs to Chippenham Community Hospital. Pictured, Adrian Gott.
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9th Oct 2020

We chat to Adrian Gott, CEO of Clarence Court Eggs, about the ethos of the company, the secret to their wonderfully golden yolks, life behind the scenes at Clarence Court and more. Enjoy this egg-cellent read!

1. What’s the ethos of Clarence Court?

We are the leading premium egg supplier in the UK, known for producing ‘fabulous eggs by fabulous birds’. In 1928, Clarence Elliott brought his first birds from Patagonia to Gloucestershire – today, they offer the widest range of speciality and superlative eggs sold in Britain, each with their own charming, charismatic shell and filled with fabulous flavour. The beautiful Burford Browns are stars in their own right, with yolks so golden they’ve become an Instagram sensation. Clarence Court hens Credit: Clarence Court Eggs

2. Tell us more about your range of eggs and their seasonality

We offer the widest range of eggs sold in Britain, each with the most distinctive characteristics – the beautiful Burford Browns with the most flavoursome golden yolks, the water-coloured blue Old Cotswold Legbars, bright Leghorn Whites, creamy Braddock White and Cornish Blue duck eggs, and quail eggs. Throughout the seasons, the Clarence Court family extends as far as emu, goose, guinea fowl, pheasant, turkey, rhea, and ostrich too. Legbars eggs Credit: Clarence Court Eggs

3. Your eggs have wonderfully golden yolks – what’s your secret?!

Our secret to the most wonderfully golden yolks takes us back to their heritage coupled with our dedicated, individual specialist farmers who are passionate about poultry. Nurturing their birds with all the care they need – allowing the birds to patiently lay their eggs at their own natural, slow speed whilst living a natural life, roaming and scratching about outside, nourished with fresh air and ‘slow food’. Over 90 years, the pinnacle of health and welfare has gone into our fabulous birds to produce our famous golden yolks. The birds graze on the best maize enriched diet, carefully formulated to include wheat, sunflower, seashell, soya, paprika, and marigold, from dawn until dusk – producing the most superior eggs in Britain and giving them the wonderful golden yolk colour. Clarence Court hen home Credit: Clarence Court Eggs

4. Any top tips for baking with your eggs?

My absolute top tip is to use duck eggs for baking. They’re perfect because of the ratio of white to yolk. One of my favourites has to be a Victoria sponge cake. The eggs create a wonderfully light, golden sponge that tends to be fluffier, rise higher, stay moist for longer and have a better texture.

Top tip! Use duck eggs for baking.

5. Storing eggs… in the fridge or out?

I’m often asked where people should keep their eggs at home. For eggs to retain their freshness and deliciousness, they should be kept at a constant temperature or else they will age quicker. The ideal store would be larder although these are not very widely used these days so to ensure your Clarence Court eggs are the most flavoursome, keep them in the fridge. Hens eggs, duck eggs, chickens eggs, quails eggs, turkey eggs Credit: Clarence Court Eggs - hens eggs, duck eggs, chickens eggs, quails eggs, turkey eggs

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6. If you had to choose a favourite recipe from your website, what would it be and why? Please share the link with us!

All of the recipes on our website are delicious, but you definitely can’t go wrong with a Moroccan Shakshuka. A warming midwinter dish with a little extra spice in a rich tomato sauce with more complex flavours combined with the benefits of turmeric. The Leghorn White egg’s as a final touch makes this the perfect Sunday brunch.

7. What does a day in the life look like behind the scenes at Clarence Court Eggs?

I spend most of my time in our head office near Chippenham in Wiltshire and still have quite a hands-on approach so will be meeting with everybody from retailers to the British Egg Council. I take immense pride in what the team have achieved in recent years and love being in the thick of it. My happiest days are when I’m visiting our farms and talking to farmers about our hens and their environment – we’re always trying to improve what we do to ensure we’re setting the standard when it comes to our hens’ welfare. Clarence Court happy hens Credit: Clarence Court Eggs

8. How will you be celebrating World Egg Day (9 October) and British Egg Week (6-12 October)? What should we look out for?

World Egg Day and British Egg Week is fantastic for promoting the nutritional benefits of eggs in our diet and honour the farmers who dedicate their time to care for the poultry. Below is a picture we've done with the Chelsea Pensioners called ‘Eggs& Soldiers’ to mark the occasion. Plus, follow us on social media to find out our favourite egg! Chelsea Pensioners celebrate World Egg Day Credit: Tom Shaw. Eggs and Soldiers. Chelsea Pensioners Mike Hall of the Royal Artillery (L) and Dewi Treharne of the Royal Corps of Signals (R) celebrate World Egg Day with a Burford Brown egg at the Royal Hospital in Chelsea.

9. Where can people buy Clarence Court Eggs?

Clarence Court eggs are stocked widely in supermarkets around the UK. Keep your eyes peeled for them in Waitrose, Morrison’s, Ocado, M&S, JS, and Tesco, as well as independent shops.

10. What’s ahead for Clarence Court Eggs?

We've just launched a new liquid egg product which is possibly the easiest way to enjoy your eggs in the morning. Whether you’re cooking for a large household or wanting to pack your recipes with high protein, your lives have just got a little simpler. Our liquid egg range is eco-friendly – reducing food waste and making cooking easier.

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