10 Minutes with Karen Keaney, Multi Award Winning Sugar Artist

Karen won three gold medals at Salon Culinaire, Ifex 2016, and a gold at Cake International Birmingham. Find out more in this 10 minutes with interview.

31st Mar 2017

This March, Karen won three gold medals at Salon Culinaire, Ifex 2016, and a gold at Cake International Birmingham

10 Minutes with

Karen Keaney is the founder and owner of Roses and Bows Cakery. With a background in art, and an accomplished baker, Karen is a international award winning cake designer. She is also a proud member of the Panel of Chefs of Ireland and the Northwest Culinary Team.

When did you first start decorating cakes? I started decorating in 2013, just for family and found I really enjoyed it. It was a great way for me to be creative. Where did you learn your cake decorating skills? I always baked and ran my own award winning Coffee Shop and Deli for 6 years prior to cakes. At first, I did 1 or 2 classes to pick up the basics, after that I worked really hard practicing my skills, read all the magazines, watched plenty of online tutorials! 10 Minutes with How would you sum up your style? I love all things fantasy from fairies to steampunk to the darker side of fantasy. I love cakes that are really detailed, every time you look at it, you see something new that you may not have noticed before. How would you describe your day to day life as a cake decorator? Every day is completely different, I could be on the road teaching, filming tutorials or working on client cakes. 10 Minutes with Which one of your cakes is your favourite? Egbert and Monty, my last entry into Cake International, I was lucky enough to win 'Best in Show'. I loved both Egbert and Monty as characters, I love to give them personalities and imagine stories for them.   10 Minutes with What’s your design process? I rarely start with a full design in mind, I have a rough idea, sometimes a sketch but I like to let things change organically, as the design progresses, I enjoy that freedom. What are your top three cake decorating essentials?
  • My sugarshapers
  • Lots and lots of paintbrushes
  • Imagination
Where do you get your inspiration from? Absolutely everywhere, I see cake in everything. 10 Minutes with What are your top tips for a beginner? Practice the basics, I know it's boring and a bit tedious but you need a good foundation to get you going. What are you plans for the future? I'm really busy working on my online tutorials right now (www.vimeo.com/cakeschool) but I have some really exciting projects coming up this year but I can't say what they are just yet. Visit Karen's website here to see more of her work
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