10 minutes with: Lori's Custom Cakes

15th Feb 2017

This week we caught up with Lori of Lori's Custom Cakes where she told us all about how her Father inspired her love for art which developed into cake decorating...

  When did you first start decorating cakes? I started cake decorating with buttercream a long time ago but in the past two years discovered fondant and immediately fell in love with it. Being able to create what I consider artwork on an edible base is such an amazing experience for me. The feeling of creating something which will make a someones' day a little more special is truly a great feeling, and the fact that they get to eat it is a bonus! Where did you learn your baking skills? My Mother taught me how to bake properly. I have been baking as long as I can remember. My mother worked very hard and the time she did have free was always spent with her children doing something fun and baking was usually involved. The decoration part is a combination of imagination and research. I have taken a couple of classes which has been extremely helpful in learning new tips and tricks. How did you become such a good artist? My father was an artist and calligrapher so I think I was born to love it. I have been drawing and doing calligraphy my entire life, it is something I have always loved. I am not sure that I am a good artist but I truly love what I do and put every ounce of my heart into each cake that I create. Cake decorating is my passion and I am blessed to be able to do this for my career. How would you sum up your style? That is a tough question. I recently have been told I have a style but I honestly do not know what my style is. I guess I would have to say if anything, I am unique. We often as cake decorators get asked to make a replica of a cake which is always difficult. They only thing you can do it just go for it and try and give it a twist to call it your own and give it your style. How would you describe your day to day life as a cake decorator? Hard work, lots of hard work. Like any career if you are not doing it personally you just do not know how tough it can be. I do this on my own so there is no-one other than myself to do the clean up, deliveries, invoicing, pricing and research that is all a very big part of the job. The cake decorating is the easy part. Fortunately my better half is so supportive and understanding that he (Matt) allows me to follow my dreams whatever they may be. What is it that most appeals to you about sugar-paste modeling cakes? Being able to express myself through sugar is my religion. I am in my own little world when I am working on a cake and enjoy every little part of it. I love creating a piece of work that make people wide-eyed. When I deliver a cake the look on the customers face is worth every single hour put into the design. Where do you get your inspiration for creating new designs? Simply put - everywhere! I see inspiration in everything little thing, literally. It can be overwhelming at times when all you want to do it recreate that texture or that colour of that little girl's hair you saw in the grocery store. It is everywhere I look from a lamp shade to the concrete sidewalk. What’s your design process? First what the customer is looking for, it is their cake. I like to have an idea of the customers favourite colours or memories or something that will make the cake unique to them and them only. That is what custom cakes are all about. What are your top tips for cake decorating/sugar-paste modelling? Patience and practice are the most important things in my opinion. Modeling is hard and can be overwhelming. I am certainly not an expert in modeling but I do my best. I still have a lot of learning to do myself but I do look forward to every second of it. I don't think practice can make perfect as the saying goes but I do believe the more you do to the easier it will get.
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