At the Kitchen Table with Britt Whyatt

As a much celebrated baker, blogger, and cake show demonstrator, we wanted to learn more of Britt's cake beginnings...

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7th Nov 2017

As a much celebrated baker, blogger, and cake show demonstrator, we wanted to learn more of Britt's cake beginnings...



What came first, blogging, baking or cake decorating?

I started the blog back in 2010 when I first began my baking adventure. I had never baked before, apart from a few fairy cakes with my nan! I was suffering badly with depression and social anxiety and also was dealing with the after effects of blood poisoning after an operation and was at home recovering, and very bored, when a friend asked if I would bake a cake for a charity bake sale. I wrote about my experiences in the kitchen and over the years it has turned into my blog as you see it today!


What was your first attempt at cake decoration?

It was that cake back in 2010! I bought a packet mix and a block of icing and proceeded to make a Pudsey shaped mess! I used a square roasting dish, stuck down the decorations with sugar water and it was cracked, sunken and
uneven. BUT, I had never been so happy! I still look very fondly on that cake today!



What sugar techniques and under whose instruction, are on your bucket list?

I am slightly obsessed with Dawn Butler. Her airbrushing and cake frame are two things I think have revolutionised the cake industry. I think she's fantastic and I would love to learn from her!


Who in the cake world inspires you?

Lots of people, my favourite baker is Jemma from Iced Jems. Her recipes are always amazing, her blog posts are so relevant and informative and her journey and her success is so inspiring! She¹s fantastic.

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Have you studied sugarcraft, what¹s your favourite technique you¹ve learnt to date?

I have learnt through YouTube videos, magazines like this one and a lot of trial and error! I have loves striping buttercream on a cake. I think it looks so cool and I used this technique on my own birthday cake this year!



Are you team Yule log or traditional Christmas cake?

Ooh, that¹s a hard one! I never liked Christmas cake when I was younger but now it¹s one of my favourites. I do love chocolate but there¹s something about marzipan and icing that I just love, so I will say Christmas cake.


Favourite festive decoration idea for a fabulous centrepiece in moments?

A cupcake wreath! Pipe green icing on twelve cupcakes, arrange them in a circle and top with leaves, sprinkles and any other Christmas decorations you like! It¹s a firm favourite in my house over the festive period.


What does 2017 hold for She Who Bakes?

I¹m looking forward to demonstrating at shows, writing more yummy recipes for my readers, developing my YouTube channel and working towards releasing my first recipe book.


We love Britt's take on party cakes, her blog is full of decadent traybakes and cakes filled with confectionary classics. Visit for Britt's delicious selection of crowd pleasing celebration bakes!

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