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We've had a good chat to miniature decoration extraordinaire Farley Berry from Lady Berry Cupcakes, and boy are we excited for you to have a read!

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22nd May 2019

Read our interview with the woman behind Lady Berry Cupcakes, and get inspired!

We've had a good chat to miniature decoration extraordinaire Farley Berry from Lady Berry Cupcakes, and boy are we excited for you to have a read! From starting to dabble with cake decorating during an art degree to owning her own business and teaching her craft, it's fair to say that Farley is an inspiration for anyone interested in venturing down the path of baking and decorating as a career. Here's what she had to say.

When did you first start decorating cupcakes?

In 2012 I was completing an art degree and was obsessed with circles and spheres. I decided to explore different mediums and part of my final piece incorporated cupcakes. My love of sugarpaste as a medium was discovered and my designs evolved from there. As most of us cakey people find, I started making cakes for friends and loved ones and their warm and encouraging responses fuelled my creativity further.

How did you decide to make it your career?

I have always prioritised loving my work before anything else, it’s so important to me to be happy on a daily basis and happy in my work. Falling in love with designing cupcakes and taking it into a career was the easiest decision ever! The response I received from my customers as I started out was so positive and motivating, it was the only sign I needed to keep creating miniature edible pieces of art.

How would you sum up your style and why?

As with anything creative, your style evolves with time. But from the beginning my palette has always been pastels and I became known for miniatures detailed cupcakes with a cute twist. My students come to me to learn the art of miniature fondant detail and characters that can be used to dress both cupcakes and cakes.

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Literally everywhere, there is inspiration all around. I really enjoy creating super cute toppers that capture everyone's attention and then inspire others' creativity. I'm ridiculously passionate about designing my own niche style of work. Lady Berry Cupcakes 1

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What’s your design process and how long does it take you?

When designing my cupcakes I tend to sketch my creations out and compile those sketches, then I have design days where I play with the ideas and execute them to create the Lady Berry Designs.

What’s the most memorable cupcake you’ve ever created?

I wouldn't say there is one, although people seem to respond really well towards the super miniature detailed cupcakes. There’s a few with tiny faces on and tiny teddybear faces that cover the face of each cupcake. They also enjoy my pastel Christmas classes and Baking Miniatures.

What top tips would you give to someone just starting to decorate cupcakes?

Play with your ideas. Look for inspiration and then try your best to be unique and develop your own niche style of work. Lady Berry interview 2

What are the three cake decorating tools you couldn’t be without?

Ahhh confession time! I don’t know the official names of the basic cake decorating tool set, but it’s generally all I need as I love to teach my students to create designs using their hands!

What do you think will be the next big trend in cake decorating?

It was unicorns and mermaids for ages, but I think people are starting to mix and match mediums more and more to blend a variety of styles and textures on cakes and cupcakes.

What’s next for you?

Last year I started to travel and teach and I would definitely love to do more of that. I'm such a people person and meeting more and more of my online students would be amazing! I'm also very keen to increase my online class library as so many of my followers around the world can’t attend classes in London. Eventually I'd like to open a larger cupcake school for all classes and parties.

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