Discovered: meet Heeny Cakes

This month, we’ve been inspired by Heena Mistry (a.k.a. Heeny Cakes) based in Manchester, who is a full-time mum and self-taught cake creator.

19th Nov 2019

Heena started her Instagram account back in June 2012. What we love about Heena’s page is that she isn’t afraid to show her mistakes and keep a realness to her posts; a finished cake doesn’t come without its trials and Heena is honest and open about her creations, reviews and experiences. Let’s find out more about Heena and the world of Heeny Cakes…

Tell us about you.

I love anything sweet related (who doesn’t?) and am very passionate about making every cake better than the last one. I love trying new things or products and keeping up with current trends. I believe showing such transparency has really helped my business grow into what it is today.

Heena - Heeny Cakes

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How did you get into the cake world?

I stumbled across baking and decorating when my niece challenged me to make her 16th birthday cake. The brief was ‘sweet sixteen’ so I made a cake covered with Cadbury’s fingers and lots of lollipops.

Tell us about your page’s ethos. 

To inspire other bakers to try new techniques or products. My page was originally set up as a portfolio of my work but has recently taken a different direction towards the behind the scenes element. The aim is to continue to test new and trending products and provide honest reviews of my experience by documenting them in video form.

If your social bio only had space for three words, what would you write about yourself? 

Creative, adventurous and honest.

How has social media helped your business? 

It’s taken my business to the next level from word of mouth recommendations to a wider clientele. The encouragement from my followers via comments and other bakers has given me the confidence to grow my skill set.

Heeny Cakes hearts and sweets design

How do you keep yourself committed to posting? 

I plan my content ahead of posting. I take the time to video content, edit and then get the captions and hashtags ready for posting. Part of being a fulltime mum means staying super organised. I have allocated time for social media activity according to when past posts have done well.

What’s your magic ingredient that makes your page so cool? 

Being myself and not being scared to try something new.

What’s your top tip for sharing cakey work on social media? 

Make it easy on the eye, bright, clear and clutter free. Let the cake do the talking!

If you were a type of cake, which would you be and why?

A Neapolitan cake, because I couldn’t just be one flavour or colour and I would appeal to everyone.

“Presentation is key – people buy with their eyes!”

Heeny Cakes rainbow and unicorn cake design

If you could only work with one ingredient, what would you pick and why? 

Strawberries; you can use them for both sweet and savoury dishes, also my four-year-old daughter loves them!

Which cakey tool can’t you live without? 

My turntable, it’s an absolute must-have.

Just for fun: What would your ‘social cake star’ name be?

Take your first pet’s name, plus one adjective that describes your style, plus your favourite emoji: 

This is not going to be good! Here goes... Fishy (pet’s name), Dazzling (my sales manager would always comment on how dazzling I am and it sort of stuck), then the laughing emoji is my favourite. ‘Fishy Dazzling LOL’. Oh dear!

Thanks, Heena!

Take a look at Heena’s recreation of one of our projects from the archive - Scandi Christmas cake. And don’t forget to check out Heena’s fabulous creations on Instagram and Facebook!

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