Meet Bake Off contestant, Michael Georgiou

Michael Georgiou left the bake off a couple off weeks ago due to sad case of just not being bready for the difficulties of this challenging competition.

21st Sep 2016

Michael Georgiou left the bake off a couple off weeks ago and sadly it was a case of just not being bready enough
[caption id="attachment_8694" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Meet Bake Off contestant, Michael Georgiou Image: BBC/Love Productions/Mark Bouillon - Daily Mail [/caption]   The 20-year-old politics and economics student, was the youngest contestant on Bake off this year but he failed to prove his skills across the three tests in bread week. We got to know Michael in an interview with him and discovered more about his university experiences and highlights from the bake off, whilst getting down to the big question, who's the harshest judge Mary or Paul?

Interview with Michael Georgiou

When did you first discover a love for baking? I think I first discovered it when I was baking at home with my mum when I was about 6 or 7. Although me and my two younger brothers baked with her, I seemed to be the one who wanted to bake new and different bakes by myself and began researching and creating recipes, and by the time I was about 15 I was creating recipes to try out on my family and friends at school. How do you balance university work and baking? Baking at uni is really a way to escape the work given to me. I try and spend 5 or 6 hours a week baking to just calm me down after a long days work or to relax. It may seem tricky to balance, but once you have a timetable and you know the free time you have you can balance baking around your social life and sports Do you enjoy baking as much as hockey? That is a tough one! But I would have to say baking is my greatest passion so enjoy doing that more, although combining both is great! Is baking a hobby you’ve enjoyed throughout your life? Although I have been seeing my mum and gran bake for a while, I only really got into baking myself in the last 4 or 5 years as a hobby, and slowly has been taking over my life Who or what has influenced your baking the most? My gran and mum were big influences baking when I was growing up as I watched them produce loads of cakes and pastries, but as I got older I spent more and more time watching cooking and baking shows on tv and tried to learn from as many chefs as possible What made you want to enter the Great British Bake Off? I actually entered the show as a bit of a joke with my friends. Although I love baking and do it at home, I didn’t think I would have got far in the process so me and my friends entered the competition on my behalf to see what happens- and so I ended up baking in front of millions What’s been your favourite challenge each week, the signature, technical or showstopper? My favourite challenges were the signature bakes as these were all about the flavour of the bake and less on the look. Technical challenges were the worst ones- just baking something I have never done before was tricky How did it feel to reach bread week? I feel extremely proud and honoured. Although I went out in week 3 not many people can say they were on the Bake Off and part of the largest show on TV, and so to even get this far is incredible and something I will always look at fondly for the rest of your life. Who did you find easiest to please Mary or Paul? I think it was easiest to please Mary as she always found a positive in bakes you did, although Paul was great to bake for as well as I respected his comments and took on board his advice on every bake. What’s your plan now that you have conquered the Bake Off? My plan is to peruse a baking career. I really want to get involved with food journalism and write a cook book, but I want to continue baking for people and showcasing my bakes to the public. If you could bake one recipe for the rest of your life - what would it be? This is a tricky question. I would have to say a chocolate spread brioche loaf. I made it a couple of times and its seriously addictive to eat. I cant get enough of it!
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