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Marriage’s are family run flour millers in Chelmsford, Essex. We had a chat to them to find out more about what makes their products so special.

6th Sep 2018

We take a look at a family flour business with a long and proud history... Marriage’s are family run flour millers in Chelmsford, Essex. Trading since 1824, the company was set up by twin brothers William and Henry Marriage back in the days of wind and water power. Today, the company is owned and run by the fifth and sixth generations of the Marriage family. They mill a wide range of bread making and culinary flours. More than half of Marriage’s staff have been with the company for over a decade and many have specialist milling skills that are essential for producing the best quality flours. Marriage’s home baking flours have won an impressive 42 Great Taste Awards! We had a chat to the Marriage’s family to find out more about what makes their products so special. Sourdough Marriage's

Tell us what makes Marriage's different to competitors?

  • We mill a wide range of organic, speciality and ancient grain flours for making bread, cakes, pastry and pizza at home.
  • Marriage's flour is produced using a combination of traditional techniques we have used for generations and the best modern milling technology. Our stoneground flour is still made in the traditional way, using mill stones that are over 100 years old, for a distinctive nutty taste and texture.
  • Marriage's flour will help home bakers achieve consistently great results time after time. Flour quality is determined by the quality of wheat used. We use the best quality bread wheat, even for Plain and Self-Raising flours, creating flours that are best in class and produce lighter cakes with more rise and better pastry.
  • We select the best quality wheat, much from farmers within 25-30 miles of Chelmer Mills. Many are farming families who have supplied Marriage's for generations. We also use wheat from farms just a few miles away, owned by the Marriage family.
  • Our flours are suitable for all baking abilities. All of our strong flours are suitable for bread machines and hand baking.
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What flours would you recommend using for the best sourdough results?

We'd suggest starting with Marriage's Finest Strong White (1.5kg) or Organic Strong White (1kg). Once you are comfortable working with white bread flour, you can experiment using different flours or combinations of flours for your sourdough. Try white, rye and wholemeal, or white and spelt flours. You will need to amend the amount of water used according to the proportion of different flours used. Ancient grain flour such as spelt and rye provide an interesting flavour. Marriage's produce Light Spelt and Dark Rye in 1kg bags for home bakers. Spelt is an ancient variety of wheat. It has a delicious, slightly nutty flavour and is very versatile. Rye flour is darker, with a strong, distinctive flavour. When you are feeling more adventurous, you can also incorporate dried fruit like apricots or raisins for additional flavour and interest, or add nuts like walnuts for texture. Seeds such as linseed, sunflower and poppy seeds can be mixed into the dough, or you can roll the dough in a seed mix for an attractive finish.

Where can we find Marriage's flour?

Home bakers can find our flour at the East of England Co-op, in health food stores, farm shops and delis nationwide, as well as online at Ocado, Abel & Cole and Marriage's web shop at We also supply artisan bakeries, chefs and caterers.

Find out more about the Marriage's family, their products and recipes here.  

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