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Meet the Maker: Cake Décor

11th Dec 2018

Coffee and cake with... Coco Cake Land

15th Nov 2018

Come and meet the most colourful, whimsical baker of them all, the talent behind Coco Cake Land...

Meet the maker: Marriage's

6th Sep 2018

Marriage’s are family run flour millers in Chelmsford, Essex. We had a chat to them to find out more about what makes their products so special.

The GBBO Interviews: Ruby

30th Aug 2018

Find out more about Ruby, the 29 year old Project Manager from London with a complex baking style, in this Q&A with the contestant herself. 

The GBBO Interviews: Terry

30th Aug 2018

Terry, sporting a moustache that everyone is talking about, managed to save himself with a portrait masterpiece in the final bake of episode 1. 

The GBBO Interviews: Jon

30th Aug 2018

If you, like the rest of us, want to know more about contestant Jon from this year's Great British Bake Off, check out this Q&A about his baking history.

The GBBO Interviews: Rahul

30th Aug 2018

In episode 1, contestant Rahul impressed the judges with his showstopper selfie biscuit. If you want to hear more about him, take a look at this Q&A.

The GBBO Interviews: Manon

30th Aug 2018

Manon, Star Baker in this year's first Bake Off episode, blew us all away with her consistent bakes. Find out more her in this Q&A. 

The GBBO Interviews: Luke

30th Aug 2018

Luke's Vegas- based selfie biscuit won him a lot of approval from Bake Off fans. Read more about the civil servant and DJ in this Q&A. 

The GBBO Interviews: Kim-Joy

30th Aug 2018

We were all impressed by Kim-Joy's orange blossom biscuits in episode 1 of The Great British Bake Off. Find out more about the contestant in this Q&A. 

The GBBO Interviews: Karen

30th Aug 2018

If you loved Karen's cool, calm approach to baking in The Great British Bake Off so far, have a read of this Q&A with the contestant herself. 

The GBBO Interviews: Imelda

29th Aug 2018

If you'd like to know more about Imelda, the first contestant to leave the Bake Off tent this year, take a look at this Q&A with the contestant herself. 

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