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Kim-Joy’s Arctic Roll

Halo Top takes on the classic Arctic roll with new Halo Top Platinum recipes from Bake Off Star Kim Joy

Halo Top, America’s favourite feel-good ice cream, has partnered with Great British Bake Off star Kim Joy to create a collection of winter recipes, all made with brand new indulgent Halo Top Platinum. Her take on the Arctic roll is filled with delicious Monster Cookie ice cream.

Arctic Roll

Serves: 6


For the cake:

5 medium eggs

125g caster sugar

1 tsp vanilla bean paste

80g plain flour

35g cocoa powder

10g boiling water

Plus, a little butter to grease tin

For the filling:

400g of Monster Cookie Halo Top Platinum ice cream

Strawberry jam

For the meringues

100g egg white

160g caster sugar

Pinch of cream of tartar

To decorate

Rosemary sprigs


Egg white

Granulated sugar

Edible silver paint, edible glitter

For the biscuit squirrel (optional, also this recipe will be enough for around 20 medium-sized biscuits – but you can always bake the extra and store them in an airtight jar):

150g salted butter

120g dark muscovado sugar

2tsp black treacle

2tbsp beaten egg

2tbsp ground ginger

3/4tbsp ground cinnamon

1/4tsp ground cloves

225g plain flour

Arctic Roll Method:

1) Spoon softened ice cream into a rough log shape (about 18 to 20cm), on a large piece of greaseproof paper. Wrap up the sides, and then twist the ends together. Put in the freezer until frozen solid.

2) Whilst it is freezing, you can use this time to make or prepare any decorations for the top of the roll. For the sugared rosemary and cranberries, brush them with egg white, and then roll in sugar to coat. Leave to dry. You can also bake a biscuit squirrel (see recipe below).

3) Preheat the oven to 200C (fan). Grease and line a 10×15” swiss roll tin, with greaseproof paper overhanging at two opposite edges so it’s easy to lift out.

4) Make the cake. Whisk together the sugar and eggs on high speed for 7 minutes. Slow the mixer and add the vanilla bean paste. Stop mixing and sieve in the flour and cocoa powder. Gently fold to combine. Add the boiling water and fold in again.

5) Spoon into the prepared tin, and smooth. Bake for 8-13 minutes, or until slightly springy on top.

6) When baked, lift from the tin and place on a wire rack. Leave for 5 minutes, then trim all the edges and then roll up loosely whilst still warm. Leave to cool in this rolled-up shape.

7) When cool, gently unroll, then spread strawberry jam over the whole cake. Remove the ice cream roll from the freezer, peel off the greaseproof paper, and place this on the shorter end of the cake roll. Roll up the cake to fully encase the ice cream, peeling off the backing paper as you go along. Place back in the freezer whilst you make the meringue topping.

8) Add the egg white to a clean bowl. Whisk on high speed until foamy, then add the cream of tartar. Whisk again until soft peaks form and add a tablespoon of caster sugar. Whisk on high speed for 30-60 seconds, then add another tablespoon. Repeat until all the sugar is incorporated. Scrape down the sides of the bowl halfway through, and then again towards the end.

9) Take the rollout of the freezer, then spread the meringue all over the cake. Use a sharp knife to trim each side of the roll, so that the ends are neat. Use a kitchen blowtorch to brown the meringue.

10) Decorate the top of the roll with the sugared rosemary trees and cranberries, plus a gingerbread squirrel decorated with edible glitter and silver paint (optional).

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