Published On: Thu, Dec 7th, 2017

Magic Sparkles launches new unicorn mix

Jazz up your cupcakes or cookies with the Magic Sparkles Unicorn Mix! 

Unicorns are the new trend that everyone loves! If you’re planning on making one in cake form and are worrying about how to make it shine, then you need Magic Sparkles.

With their new Unicorn Mix you can make your mythical creature creation sparkle and shine to make it look extra magical.

Magic Sparkles and Magic Twinkles contain no ‘nasties’ and do not impact the taste of your creations so your delicious flavours can shine through. It adds a touch of fantasy to the simplest cake or bake and is fully edible!

Their natural colours range uses food colourings sourced from plant and fruit extracts and they are one of the only suppliers of glitters using natural food colours.

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