Published On: Fri, Aug 24th, 2018

Marble grey and gold wedding favour cookies

You can adapt the colours to match your theme!

Treat your wedding guests to these gorgeous personalised favours by Marie McGrath from Marie’s Bakehouse.

marble gold

Marble Grey and Gold Wedding Favour Cookies


For the cookies

  • your favourite cookie dough recipe

To decorate

  • sugarpaste: white, black
  • edible gold dust
  • clear alcohol or lemon extract
  • piping consistency royal icing


  • plaque cookie cutter
  • thin paintbrush
  • piping bag and No.2 piping nozzle
  • embossers
  • moulds eg: small rose mould


  1. Bake your favourite cut-out cookie recipe, using a plaque cutter of your choice.

  2. Take some long sausages of black sugarpaste and twist them into a block of white sugarpaste. Roll and twist the paste until the colour starts to marble, then add some more thin sausages of black paste and repeat. Don’t take it too far! You need to mix only until the colour starts to marble.

  3. Roll out the paste to a couple of millimetres thickness and, using the same cutter that you used to make the biscuits, cut out plaque shapes from areas in the paste where the marble shows through well. Stick the paste to the cookies using cooled boiled water.

  4. Mix some of the edible gold dust with some clear alcohol or lemon extract and paint thin lines onto the paste, following the lines of the marbling.

  5. If you are not comfortable piping, you can paint the names of guests with the gold paint and a thin paintbrush. If you are happy to pipe, you can pipe the names of guests onto the cookies with a piping consistency royal icing and a No.2 piping nozzle. Once dry, you can paint over the top of the royal icing with more of the edible gold dust and clear alcohol mix.

  6. Have a play with your decoration. Pipe dots round the outside of the cookies, pipe scrolls in the corners, or use embossers to decorate the cookies. If you don’t want to add names, you could use a mould to produce shapes, then paint these gold too.

marble gold

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