Published On: Thu, Nov 15th, 2018

Mince pie Christmas cupcake toppers

These Christmas cupcake toppers will cheer up any Scrooge!

Mince pies and the festive season go hand-in-hand, but what if you don’t like the spiced mincemeat and pastry combo?! Panic not, as Lady Berry Cupcakes has you covered with her mince pie christmas cupcake toppers.

What’s more, this tutorial is straightforward enough so you can create a whole batch of them ahead of the festive season. Ideal for gifting as presents!

Mince pie Christmas cupcake toppers

Mince pie Christmas cupcake toppers

Mince pie cupcakes

Author Lady Berry Cupcakes


For the cupcakes:

  • cupcake(s) with a buttercream dome

To decorate:

  • sugarpaste: beige, red, green
  • edible green dust


  • rolling pin
  • sugarpaste board
  • edible glue/water
  • glue brush
  • cookie cutter set
  • holly leaf cutter
  • basic cake tool set
  • mini palette knife


  1. Using a straight edged 9cm (3½in) cookie cutter, cut a disc of beige sugarpaste and attach to the buttercream, doming with the palm of your hand. 

  2. Using the scallopededge of the 9cm (3½in) cookie cutter, cut a disc of beige sugarpaste. Using the straight edge of an 8cm (3in) cookie cutter, cut out thecentre. Glue the scalloped edge to the outer edge of the cupcake. Brush with a little flour to suggest pastry. 

  3. Using the bulb tool, or anycake tool, put a little pressure on each scallop curve. 

  4. With the hollyleaf cutter, roll outthegreen sugarpaste and cut out 3 holly leaves. Glue in thecentre of the cupcake so the stems are facing each other. 

  5. Using the mini palette knife, score theveinsof the leaves a little deeper, then dust withediblegreen dust. 

  6. Roll 3 small balls of red sugarpaste and attach to the cupcake for the berries.

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