Published On: Wed, Aug 29th, 2018

Miniature rainbow birthday cake cupcake topper

Celebrate a loved one’s birthday with a cake on a cake!

Surprise someone special on their birthday with these fun toppers by Farley Berry from Lady Berry Cupcakes.

cupcake topper

Miniature rainbow birthday cake cupcake topper


To decorate

  • sugarpaste: pink, white, blue, green, purple, yellow
  • sprinkles of your choice


  • 4cm (1.5in) circular cookie cutter
  • mini palette knife
  • bulb tool
  • water and paintbrush


  1. Roll out each of the sugarpaste colours to the thickness of a £1 coin, then cut out one of each colour and four in white.

    step 1
  2. Stack the circles, layering one white circle between each colour and sticking them together with water.

    step 2
  3. Roll the tower gently to blend the sugarpaste together slightly.

    step 3
  4. Take the bulb tool and give texture to the coloured sugarpaste layers to create a sponge-like texture with little holes.

    step 4
  5. Carefully cut a slice out of the cake with the palette knife. Roll small balls of white sugarpaste, then paint a circle of water around the top of the cake and stick them on top.

    step 5
  6. Paint the circles of sugarpaste with a dot of water and attach sprinkles of choice.

    step 6
  7. Take 2 colours of sugarpaste and roll into tubes. Attach together at one end and twist gently, then trim accordingly. Leave to dry for 30 minutes. Shape a small ball of yellow sugarpaste into a teardrop shape.

    step 7
  8. Make a small dent in the top of the cake in the centre, then brush on some water and attach the candle upright.

    step 8
  9. Paint the end of the candle with water, then attach the yellow flame to finish.

    step 9
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