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12 things you probably didn't know about bagels

Image credit: Bagels with salmon and cream cheese.

14th Feb 2017

Brits LOVE bagels. In fact, we love them so much we munch through a massive 80 million packs of bagels a year.

Here's 12 fun facts you probably didn’t know about these doughy delights!

1. Make bagels not war

Bagels actually originated in Poland 400 years ago. During the middle of a civil war. Which is pretty impressive. Baking and fighting all at once.

2. Empire State bagel

In the UK we eat over 320 million bagels a year. Stacked up they’d measure approx. 1920600 metres. That’s the same height as 4,335 Empire State Buildings!

3. Bagels in space

In 2008 astronaut Gregory Chamitoff went to the International Space Station with 18 sesame bagels as part of his personal cargo allowance. The bagels came from his cousin’s bakery in Montreal.

4. Bagel bullion

New York City is home to the world’s most expensive bagel costing a whopping $1,000 dollars, topped with white truffles and gold leaf grape jelly!

5. Tennisn’t

If you suck at tennis you’ll be hearing about bagels an awful lot. The term bagel is not just a delicious doughy treat, it’s also used to refer to losing a set 6-0. Now that’s one bagel you don’t want served to you.

6. Bread bath

Unlike ALL other breads, bagels are boiled and then baked, giving them their signature glossy exterior and distinctive soft texture. YUM!

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7. Double bagelspresso

Buzzed bagels were invented by molecular scientist Robert Bohannon and have the same amount of caffeine as two cups of coffee. You’ll never have to eat and drink separately again.

8. Holey moley

The hole in the middle of the bagel isn’t just there for decoration. It allows the bagel to cook faster and increases its surface area, leading to more of that chewy crust that bagel connoisseurs love. Who knew?

9. Speakin bagel

The word bagel (bay-gul) derives from the German word ‘bougel’ meaning ‘bracelet’ – not sure they would be at their best on your wrist, but whatever floats your boat!

10. Mythbuster

You don’t have to toast a bagel; they come ready to eat so for those in rush you can grab and go!

11. One in a million

New York Bakery Co., have been known to produce one million bagels in just a single day!

12. The rule breaker

There is no end to what you can put on a bagel; the rule is unwritten allowing you to be as daring or conservative as you like.

The New York Bakery Co. cuts no corners to produce the best standard of bagels with a distinctive taste, glossy appearance, chewy outer layer and soft texture in the middle. Made just as they should be by being boiled then baked, the authentic NYC way.

Authentic New York Bakery Co. bagels are available nationwide, RRP £1.50 from the following supermarkets; Tesco, Morrisons, Waitrose, Ocado, Sainsbury's and Co-op

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