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22 beautiful Valentine's Day cakes

Show someone you love them with a homemade gift, and bake them one of these 22 stunning Valentine's Day cakes...

2nd Feb 2016

Are you feeling in the mood for romance (and cake!)? One of the nicest ways to show someone how much you care, and how special they are, is by taking the time to make them a beautiful, homemade gift. So why not show someone you love them with one of these stunning Valentine's Day cakes? From heart shaped cakes, to cakes with hidden messages and surprises inside, there's something for every love-bug in our round-up of the loveliest, most romantic cakes!

22 Beautiful Valentine's Day Cakes

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1. Valentine's Heart Chocolate Box Cake

How to make a Valentine's Chocolate Candy Box Cake | by Cakegirl

2. Chocolate Rose Cake


3. Valentine's Day Bear Cake

Valentine's Day Cakes

4. Kiss Cake


5. Heart Cut-Out Cake


6. Pink Striped Heart Cake


7. Bee Mine Cake

Valentine's Day Cakes

8. Raspberry Lemon Valentine's Day Surprise Inside Cake


9. Red Wine Chocolate Cake


10. Chocolate Bow Cake


11. Red Velvet Heart Cake


12. Ombre Heart Cake

Valentine's Day Cakes

13. Ruffled Heart Cake

14. Milk and Cookies Cake

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15. Glittery Hearts Cake


16. M&M's Anti-Gravity Cake

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17. Rainbow Heart Surprise Inside Cake


18. Cath Kidston Inspired Cake

19. Heart Shaped Cake (How to make a heart-shaped cake without a heart-shaped pan!)


20. Pink Heart Mouse Cake


21. Love Hearts Piñata Cake


22. Love Hearts Valentine's Cake

Valentine's Day Cakes

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