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Pop the kettle on, get comfy and read up on the latest news from the world of baking and cake decorating – while enjoying a slice of homemade cake or treat of choice, of course!


Top 10 fault line cakes

8th Aug 2019

Introducing fault line cakes - the latest cake trend in town! 2019 has been a great year for cake trends overall, but fault line cakes might be our fave yet

The Great British Bake Off trailer 2019

31st Jul 2019

That's right - it's finally time - The Great British Bake Off trailer 2019 is finally here! Gran your cuppa, turn your volume on...

It's All An Illusion...

17th Jul 2019

We take a closer look at this year's Cake & Bake show competition - have you entered yet?

Baker "fired" over 'Moana' 'Marijuana' birthday cake confusion

16th Jul 2019

Last week, we wrote about the 'Moana' 'Marijuana' birthday cake confusion which the recipient, Kensli Taylor Davis, found hilarious.

5-year-old girl caught eating an entire birthday cake!

16th Jul 2019

Many of us dream of this, but few actually achieve the goal of eating an entire birthday cake - but that's exactly what happened here...

'Moana' confused with 'marijuana' birthday cake

11th Jul 2019

It's not every day we have a news story about a 'marijuana' birthday cake - but here we are! Moana, the Polynesian-inspired Disney character...

Party Ring doughnuts launched by Krispy Kreme

10th Jul 2019

Party Ring biscuits and doughnuts are already two of our favourite things, so pop them together to create Party Ring doughnuts...

Michael Platt, 13, opens bakery which helps feed the homeless

26th Jun 2019

Meet Michael Platt, the 13-year-old American  that started his own baking business while helping the homeless. This is an inspirational story!

Foodies assemble! The Le Cordon Bleu Summer Festival is coming...

20th Jun 2019

The first ever Le Cordon Bleu summer festival is coming to London on June 209th 2019! And, with the festival just around the corner...

Prezzybox launch personalised chocolate smash cups

20th Jun 2019

We're pretty sure there isn't a day that can't be made better with a chocolate smash cup  - whether it's to celebrate birthdays or other special days!

Mariah Carey fan surprised with... Marie Curie cake?!

18th Jun 2019

First off, let it be known that we love this Marie Curie cake. Curie is an incredible and accomplished scientist, who has paved the way for...

Stork release bargain wedding cake kit

13th Jun 2019

We all know that weddings can be insanely expensive if you let them be, but Stork have come up trumps to help us cut costs with their wedding cake kit!

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