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A transparent lemon meringue pie amazes the internet

Innovative chef James Dempsey shared his amazing creation on Instagram last month. He has created a lemon meringue pie with a difference – it's transparent!

See through lemon meringue pie Image credit: James Dempsey

10th Jan 2020

A chef based in Leeds has created a lemon meringue pie with a difference – it's see-through! The pie is made using a normal pastry case and meringue topping. Then, James created a transparent lemon curd – which creates the wonderful effect that he can be seen in full in a video on his Instagram

In an interview with the Metro, James explained, "The complete dish, as served, is decorated with lemon curd, Italian meringue, popcorn dust and raspberry spheres. Diners are really wowed by the transparency of the filling." "The inspiration to create the Lemon Meringue Pie 2.0 came from me wanting to change the norm. That’s where I thought of the idea to create a transparent lemon meringue pie. The most difficult part of the process is to make sure that the pie pastry shell is completely sealed to ensure it holds the lemon meringue pie filling. Failing to do this will be disastrous." James' recipe is top secret and takes two whole days to create. The resulting taste is like a typical meringue pie, but James says the texture of the curd is a little different. James is the head chef at the Blackmoor Dining Room in Leeds, and he has always enjoyed experimenting, "I’ve always been a creative chef and always pushed to create a theatrical dining experience."

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