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Amazing Bas Relief Cakes

Bas relief is a brilliant technique taken from art of sculpture. Bas relief means a pattern that is raised up off the surface of a piece of art.

25th Jul 2016

You have to give some time to these cakes, look at all the detail you can see in them...

Bas relief is a brilliant technique that has taken off because of creative cake designer Maggie Austin.  It's a term from art more specifically from sculpture! Bas relief means a pattern that is raised up off the surface of a piece of art.

An incredibly original woodland themed design created by Tran Linh

Fairytale wedding cake from Vanilla Bakery with the bottom layer decorated using the bas relief technique.

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We love this waterfall effect using this technique. Beautiful wedding cake from Cake Theory


Created by Maggie Austin, the pioneer of cake bas relief, this mini cake that could be one of William Morris' pieces.


Nune Kager was inspired to make this stunning gold dusted chocolate cake. The metallic colour really brings it to life.

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You can tell a story using bas relief, Country Cake Shop have done an amazing job with bringing in so many woodland creatures.


There is a real Wedgewood feel to this very minimal white cake designed by Viva la Tarta.


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