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Baking Queen - Hannah Hull's Story

This week we discovered this wonderful story about Hannah Hull, read the story and find out why we think she is a real superstar (move aside Mary Berry!)

Image credit: Leicester Mercury

16th Jun 2016

This week we discovered this wonderful story about Hannah Hull, read the story and find out why we think she's a deserves to be crowned Queen baker (move aside Mary Berry!)
Baking could hold the key to help a teenager back on her feet. Hannah Hull is also hoping her skills will help raise funds for the hospital where she is being treated. This 15-year-old girl, from Appbleby Magna, has kyphoscoliosis - a condition which means her spine curves from side to side and from back to front.It was discovered when she was a baby and by the time she reached 13 her spine had curved 146 degrees. She underwent surgery to fit metal bolts to her spine in a bid to straighten it. Although the operation seemed to be a success Hannah suffered a cerebral spinal fluid leak which developed into meningitis causing her to lose almost all strength and mobility in her legs. Currently she spends the week at Sheffield Children's Hospital where specialists are overseeing her rehabilitation. Hannah's Mother Caroline said: "Hannah has really been through the wars."I haven't given up on her walking again but at the moment we just don't know if this will happen." Racking her brains to find ways to help her daughter at weekends when she is at home Mrs Hull thought of baking, we couldn't think of a better positive activity! She said: "Now that Hannah is in a wheelchair she tends to lean on one side of her body."
"If she is baking she has to hold the bowl with one arm and a spoon with the other so she can't lean."
"She has to use her core muscles to hold herself up so it's been like a physiotherapy aid that we can use at home." Mrs Hull added: "I don't know what gave me the idea but I just thought if Hannah is busy with both arms then she can't be leaning to one side, she's got to be using her body. "She loves making cakes and biscuits – doing things like making pastry can really help because rolling it out makes her focus on using both of her arms at once." The baking is also paying dividends in lifting Hannah's mood in difficult times. Her latest triumph was a gluten free chocolate cake. Mrs Hull and Hannah are now encouraging fellow bakers to get involved in Bake it Better Day on June 24.Money raised will go to fund enhancements in the new wing for Sheffield Children's Hospital. The new build will include private wards, so that families can stay together during treatment, an outside area for respite and fresh air, and a spacious new Outpatients' Department. Read the orignial article:
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