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Best of the Bunch: Your July Creations

18th Jul 2018

Even though this month has been a scorcher, our dedicated Facebook following haven't disappointed us.

Take a look at the winners of our Best of the Bunch contest below - and huge congratulations if you're featured! Keep those eyes open for August's contest too...

Natalie Scarle

Created for her son's 14th birthday, this Fortnite cake highlights some of the best elements of the game - and we love it. Especially the llama piñata!

Tammy Mashburn

We think ANY Iron Maiden fan would be bowled over with this epic Eddie cake! Created by Tammy for her cousin's grooms cake, it might not be to everyone's taste, but you can't deny the craftmanship that's gone into the project. Amazing work! Best of the bunch cake decoration  

Amelia Holden

Made as a surprise cake to celebrate an 80th birthday, it's hard to imagine anyone that wouldn't be impressed with this amazing violin cake! A huge congratulations again to those that were picked as our winners this month. We are always, always impressed by your work - so be sure to keep sharing it with us!

Take a look at June's Best of the Bunch here.

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