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Black Beauty: Our Top 10 Black Cake Picks

Add some glamour and drama to your cake designs and be inspired by these beautiful black cakes!

Image credit: Black Beauty: Our Top 10 Black Cake Picks

7th Oct 2019


If you heard the words 'black wedding cake', would your immediate reaction be to run screaming in the other direction? Well don't! Embrace all that is beautiful about black cakes and check out just how stunning this totally on trend style can be, with Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine's top ten black cake picks!

We all have an LBD (little black dress) to make any event feel like an occasion... now we have the LBC (little black cake) for extra glamour! Be it an entirely black birthday cake with a few colourful embellishments or a gorgeous gold and black wedding cake design, we've got your top ten cake decorating ideas to create black cakes for any occasion! 


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Our Top Ten Black Cake Picks


Cake Lace

Veronica Seta black cake with gold lace


This black and stunner was created by regular contributor Veronica Seta, whose award-winning cakes are known for often being on the darker side. She loves a bit of cake lace and we can see why! With a gorgous golden base, black cake lace across the top of the gold background is undeniably eye-catching. Pair with some simple floral embellishments (real or sugarpaste) and an elegant black topper to finish the look!



Jacqui Kelly black nautical cake


If you're nervous of going straight in for pure black cake decoration, you can try blending dark blue and black textures for a tres chic French feel, CD&S favourite Jacqui Kelly won gold at Salon Culinaire with this beautifully moody black wedding cake, an unusual but super effective take on a nautical theme. 


Mix it up

Tracey Rothwell mixed colours black cake


Little Cherry Cake Company's Tracey Rothwell brings us this bright and bold take on the black cake decoration trend. By combining different decorating styles to create multiple monochrome layers, you can break up any over-indulegence of black decoration with other colours. White, red and gold are the best go-to colours to pair with bold black cakes. 



Zahra Cakes black cake


This black beauty from Zahra Cakes really takes advantage of using black cake decoration as a base to embellish on top of. Use either black sugarpaste or a black mirror glaze to cover your cake tiers and create a smooth, black cake base to work on top of. Build up embellishments using either real flowers made edible or ones made from sugarpaste to complete the look.


Etch and Sketch

Laura Dodimead black cake


If you enjoy drawing or etching on your cake designs, having a black cake base is again a great place to start. Stick to sugarpaste for this kind of pattern and use soft pinks or golds to make the most of this style. We love the addition of a simple matching ribbon to emphasise the subject matter without distracting or detracting from the overall design. Life in Sugar's Laura Dodimead created the beautiful ballerina cake above back in April 2018 - you can still get a copy and learn how to craft this masterpiece HERE!



Molly Robbins elephant cake


Marvellous Molly Robbins made this magnificent lifesize Indian baby elephant cake for The Cake and Bake Show back in 2018 and we are still totally obsessed with it. The key to this cake is the bright paint and edible glaze to really raise the effect of the black base underneath. Using Rainbow Dust powder colours, Molly painted the gogrgeous intricate designs over the top of the black sugarpaste base and brought the final look to life with edible glaze. 

Check out our tutorial on Painting on Black Sugarpaste to learn how to work this beautiful technique!

Top Tip! Edible glaze is a great way of creating a beautiful shiny black cake base without risking messy mirror glaze icing! 


Black on black

Black on black by Tastemade


If you're wanting to make black cakes that use the colour as more than a bottom layer to highlight other colours, go all out with a design like this from Tastemade. Inspired by the moon, we simply adore the shards around the base tier in particular. The moon rocks as toppers are very unusual, ingenious and suit the theme perfectly! This cake proves that, when it comes to decorating black cakes, less is not always more! 



Black cake with ruffles


Ruffles on cake may strike fear into the hearts of some, is it a style that's really a making a return? You bet it is and we are loving it! The design works perfectly with black icing too, giving your black cakes some elegant texture and pairing beautifully with minimalist embellishments, as shown here by Cake Fix

Top Tip! You can make your ruffles from sugarpaste or, if you're short on time, a thick buttercream and a ruffle nozzle does the trick too! 


Simple but elegant

Drip cake white on blackdrip cake white on black


The truly fabulous thing about using black in cake decorating is how well it pairs with white and cream to create a stunning contrast that's sure to catch the eye! Drip cake designs are going nowhere anytime soon and are super effective yet simple to create. Go for a black base and a white drop or vice versa for a black birthday cake that sings elegance and sophistication. We can't decide which combination we prefer, The Cupcake Factory's white drip on black or black drip on white by Emma's Little Bakery!


An artistic touch

Artistic black cake design


Have we saved the best until last? We think so! We can't help but go totally starry-eyed over this stunning galaxy-inspired cake design from Heather at Sprinkle Bakes. The great thing about this design is it maintains the theme both inside and out, with black velvet sponge baked with white confetti sprinkles to create a delightful starry sky pattern! Covered with a black sugarpaste base, Heather used a variety of food colouring gels, painter's sea sponges and a stiff-bristle (hog bristle) brush to daub the stunning nebula patterns across the black cake. 



We're no strangers to black cakes in Cake Decoration & Sugarcraft magazine, so be sure to check out the latest issue for incredible inspiration for decorating cakes that are simply out of this world! 


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